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Organ extraordinaire ROGER RIVAS (of THE AGGROLITES) has hit the world by storm with his retro reggae sound! On “LAST GOODBYE” he brings you another musical batch of choice Rocksteady to get you swinging and swaying. This time showcasing his band from Los Angeles “The Brothers of Reggae” featuring guitar work from the great John Butcher and a guest vocal appearance from DEVON MORRISON of THE EXPANDERS. This one is for the true lovers of the music, essential for fans of JACKIE MITTOO, ERNEST RANGLIN, UPSETTERS, GLADSTONE ANDERSON, and ANSEL COLLINS. These tunes are perfect for the summer, slow and steady instrumentals with many soulful l ballads interspersed throughout the 11 tunes. You loved ROGER’S last album “AUTUMN BREEZE” so don’t miss “LAST GOODBYE”. So sit back and let the needle drop on this musical masterpiece from MR RIVAS.  Hand screened covers, website exclusive. Silver ink, red/orange colored vinyl. Limited edition of 50.


SUSAN CADOGAN is back with a new vintage reggae project produced by Mitch “King Kong” Girio of King Apparatus fame. The original “Take Me Back” EP was released in 2016 and featured 5 songs, ranging from lovers rock to ska, early reggae to roots. The EP immediately drew rave reviews worldwide, and SUSAN was soon doing BBC interviews just like the old days when she was Top of The Pops with “Hurts So Good”! We at JUMP UP immediately wanted to release it on vinyl and cassette, and asked Mitch Girio to kick out some new versions, dubs, and remixes to expand the project to 10 tracks. These 5 tracks range from spacey dub to Jamaican mento – a fantastic bonus! The EXPANDED version is now available on limited edition cassette tape (100 copies), with an LP version to be released in April. UK import CDs are now available from us too! Everyone should know SUSAN CADOGAN’s work, so please read the below bio…. [click to continue…]



The reggae world suffered a big loss recently with the passing of singer Ronnie Davis, celebrate his life and the legacy of THE TENNORS with these two fantastic collections from Grover Records Germany:  “ANOTHER SCORCHER”  and the first volume “REGGAE GIRL” , both deluxe 180g vinyl LP+CD.  [click to continue…]

We’re having a BLAST tracking down collectible SKA cassette tapes from all across the world! This time we hooked up once again with JIMMY JAZZ in Poland, do you remember their old label “Rock N’ Roller” back in the 90’s and early 2000’s? Three amazing classics to rock on your boombox once again!! [click to continue…]

If you aren’t familiar with Dave’s saxophone playing history, maybe you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades? He has been a gigging/touring musician since his teenage years, playing with HEPCAT, RANCID, STUBBORN ALL-STARS, Willie Williams, Stranger Cole, Glen Brown, Glen Adams, Archie Bell, and for the last 18 years, he has been the featured soloist with NYC’s legendary Ska band, THE SLACKERS. ROCKSTEADY 7, a fourteen year old all-star collective, is the band where Dave is able to showcase his unique style of Saxophone playing with extended Jazz improvisations over Reggae-Ska rhythms. As Dave explains, “I’m a freak stylistically. I’m a southern Californian raised kid who started out playing like Jamaican saxophonists, Roland Alphonso and Tommy McCook. Then I moved to New York and got into classic American saxophone like Coleman Hawkins, Ben Webster, Lester Young, and Illinois Jacquet. Then I went on the road and started to understand the blues. I got into Howling Wolf, Tbone Walker, and Sonny Boy Williamson.” [click to continue…]

We’ve had a shipment from Germany tied up in the postal system for 6 weeks, so of course as soon as Christmas is over….boom, the parcel starts to move again! Regardless, we’re glad to have it! We’ve been waiting for the new album from Dutch skinhead reggae masters THE UPSESSIONS, plus a limited colored vinyl represses of DOREEN SHAFFER “Adorable”  Both these vinyl editions come with a free CD too. Don’t worry LP of  members we are getting a new shipment to everyone asap!

SOULRADICSLPSOUL RADICS may be based in Nashville, Tennessee, but they are truly a worldwide sensation now!  We here at JUMP UP are SO excited about this new 10″album – and you should be too! RADICATION is an 8 track scorcher that delivers modern traditional ska & reggae grooves and a touch of 2-TONE pep to whip you into a dancing frenzy! 10″ vinyl comes with a CD edition of the record too!  We’ve also restocked “BIG SHOT” in case you missed it, full review of that album is below! Don’t worry LP club members, we’re getting these 10″ out to you asap!!!

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We are SO proud of our RUDE GUEST reissue series! During the early 80’s a small handful of bands kept the 2-Tone ska flame alive – Chicago’s RUDE GUEST was one of them! They released 4 limited edition cassettes before the US third wave kicked into full gear, and this release compiles all 16 songs from these tapes. Songs songs range from happy-go-lucky uptempo 2-Tone ska with a strong sax lead (think Madness or Bad Manners) to progressive roots reggae with a rock guitar lead and brooding 80’s keyboard. We first issued these tracks for CASSETTE STORE DAY back in October, and received some amazing press from the Chicago Reader – who did a full feature on the release including an interview with founding member Paul Schroeder. Read all about that HERE. [click to continue…]

Bet you didn’t know you’ve been a fan of Scottish Ska for years! When we got a copy of the massive 33 track “TREMBLING EARTH” compilation we were floored at how many bands we played on the radio show over the years – were Scottish! Includes early 90’s material from CAPONE & THE BULLETS,  a rare ska classic from BIS, THE AMPHETAMEANIES, BOMBSKARE, URANG MATANG, BIG FAT PANDA, ESPERANZA, and many more. A great introduction to the Scottish scene, and this double disc is a fantastic deal! We’ve also stocked the latest full length album from long time 2-TONE champs – THE AMPHETAMEANIES “Last Chance Bordello”! If you remember their history, their early albums featured members who also played Belle & Sebastian and Franz Ferdinand!  If you dig high octane 2-TONE ska sounds like the MEOW MEOWS, THE TALKS, and BUSTER SHUFFLE, you’ll want to get this in your collection!

(SKA FLAMES TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT, TRYING TO GET MORE!)  Japan’s SKA FLAMES are back with their brand new full-length album “TURN UP” – and we’ve got the import vinyl exclusively for the USA! That’s right – it’s their first new album in 20+ years! For those of you who had to dig deep in the late 80’s to find any new ska, Japan’s SKA FLAMES were a bit of a holy grail band – thank goodness GAZ’S ROCKIN’ RECORDS UK (curated lovingly by GAZ MAYALL of THE TROJANS) released their first album “SKA FEVER” in 1989 otherwise the world might not have been hip to Japan’s traditional ska-jazz pioneers. These cats were basically The Skatalites of Japan, it’s that simple! The limited edition 7″ sold out quick, and we’ve got a super limited amount of these Japanese pressed beauties so don’t delay ACT NOW! Songs range from scorching jazz-ska to mellow rock steady, with dashes of Latin grooves and even a couple tracks with vocals. [click to continue…]