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indonesiatapeThis is the second year that JUMP UP has participated in Cassette Store Day, and we are so excited to have a new batch of tape releases coming out in stores nationwide on Saturday, October 8th! For a list of stores participating in CSD2016 go to cassettestoreday.com – make sure you request our titles so they stock them! You can hear songs from all our new cassettes at our Soundcloud page. We are taking PRE-ORDERS below if you don’t have a participating shop in your area….email your cassette tape selections to jumpuprecords@gmail.com once you have made payment. Magnetic magic!  [click to continue…]

arthurkayrude_boys_7inchThey crew at MAD BUTCHER Germany really outdid themselves with these two reissues from the late 8os!! ARTHUR KAY’s “RARE AND TASTY” was released on SKANK Records in 1988 but actually compiled his rare self-released singles during the beginning of the 80s during the height of 2-TONE.  Songs like “PLAY MY RECORD” and “SOOTY IS A RUDY” are stone cold 2-TONE classics, but his “SKA WARS” single was not far behind. This album is essential for all fans of “lost” UK 2-TONE sounds!  The other reissue from the same period is 1989’s 4 track EP from the RUDE BOYS, this was the new orleans r&b styled ska band fronted by Roddy Moreno of The Oppressed. Originally released on 12″ single on SKA RECORDS, Mad Butcher has put this exact repro on 7″ single once again!

toastersdltbtoastersnyfTwo great THE TOASTERS albums reissued back on vinyl! Both NY FEVER and “D.L.T.B.D.Y.D.” were classic albums that originally came out in the 90’s on Moon Ska. Being the 90’s and all, vinyl on these albums were import only, so don’t miss your chance to get these limited re-presses! [click to continue…]

toastthrilltoastpooltoasteastsidetoastrecrimWe are so pleased to have these must have 80’s classics from THE TOASTERS back in stock! First off we have their 1987 classic “POOL SHARK” released on the legendary UNICORN RECORDS label. Many MANY of these songs are still performed live to this day! Tracklisting: Pool Shark, Talk Is Cheap , Renee , Shocker! , Toast On The Coast , Matt Davis, Weekend In L.A. , Now Or Never , Ideal Man , Naked City , So Long Buck. One of my faves is their 1989 classic “THRILL ME UP”, originally released on Skaload. That was the heyday of singers Sean ‘Cavo‘ Dinsmore and Lionel ‘Nene‘ Bernard, who became so popular from this album that they got signed to a major label as the UNITY 2. [click to continue…]

jahpnslideFRANCE really has it going on! If you love traditional big band ska with the energy of 2-TONE look no further! JAH ON SLIDE from France have been releasing great ska since the late 90s, they were one of our biggest import sellers back in the CD heyday! A fantastic traditional & 2 TONE mix, vocals in English/French, this is their first album in years! Back in stock for a limited time! CASUAL RECORDS has also just released the BRAND NEW 7″ single from the band, featuring members of El Gran Miercoles! “CELOS” is a nice female fronted tune sung in Spanish in a slower ska style, very old timey recording sound and vocal style! The flip “Jalousie” is a French trad ska gem! Limited edition! Check it out here!


Two fantastic skinhead reggae bands with great new records, restocked by popular demand! BOSS CAPONE from Holland and THE BRANLARIANS from France!  [click to continue…]

esxpandersSouthern California’s reggae giants released this album as a free digital download earlier this year, full of crucial old-school Jamaican tunes that they have performed over the years. We loved it SO much we asked to release it on vinyl!! “Old Time Something Come Again” pays homage to rockers style reggae from the 1970s – features tunes by The Ethiopians, Culture, Justin Hinds, Peter Tosh and more! The album was dedicated Leonard “The Ethiopian” Dillon and all the Jamaican Singers and Players who provided the inspiration. Taking their name from classic reggae studio bands like The Observers, The Aggrovators and The Upsetters, The Expanders aim to carry on the tradition of Los Angeles reggae/ska bands who strive for a vintage JA-style sound…but focus more on “country roots,” a style of reggae played by The Ethiopians and The Mighty Diamonds, as well as on early 80’s rub-a-dub styles like that of The Roots Radics.  Finally back in print on YELLOW VINYL limited to 100 copies. [click to continue…]

crombieswhiteIf you don’t dance to THE CROMBIES, you don’t dance! Chicago’s 2-TONE champs have finally gone and done it – recorded their debut album for JUMP UP RECORDS! Formed in 2010 by ex-members of DEAL’S GONE BAD and LORD MIKE’S DIRTY CALYPSONIANS with a very simple idea – start out as a 2-TONE cover band playing the hits of THE SPECIALS, BAD MANNERS, BEAT, MADNESS, etc – the later create 2-TONE versions of songs that have that ska potential! Original DGB singer “Lord” Mike Park once again was on the case and recruited a top notch troop that included ex-DGB keyboard player Karl Gustafson, DGB guitarist Dave Simon, Vee Sonnets on lead guitar, Jason Berry on bass, and Matt Meuzelaar on drums. The band’s first 2-TONE’d studio cut was NINEY THE OBSERVER’s “BLOOD & FIRE” released on a limited edition 7″ single, with a new version of the classic DGB song “MAD AT THE WORLD” on the flip. It was an instant hit, the single got dancefloors moving all across the world! [click to continue…]

Pressure Drip FrontdanicoffeeviccoffeeOver the past year we have been working with DARK MATTER – our favorite coffee roaster in Chicago – to develop the world’s first SKA coffee brand PRESSURE DRIP!! JUMP UP curated the musical soundtrack from it’s worldwide cavalcade of stars, CHEMA SKANDAL added his distinct design to the bag, and DARK MATTER created the perfect blend of beans for this truly one-of-a-kind limited edition product! PRESSURE DRIP is a blend of three Guatemalan coffees (Catuai, Catimor, Ethiopia hybrids) with the taste profile of Juicy Melon, Nibbs, Lemon. The Ethiopian hyrbrids are Ethiopian coffee, grown in Guatemala, something very rare and also exclusive to Dark Matter. This will be the first time that these coffees are released world wide! Our first batch of 1000 bags in August sold out in 10 days, so this new batch is bound to go fast – pick up a bag (or three!) today and start the day right! Comes with a FREE CD or CASSETTE! It’s DELICIOUS – would DANI RADIC and VIC RGGIERO steer you wrong?   [click to continue…]