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brooklnspreadThe wait is over! JUMP UP is proud to release the follow-up studio album from one of today’s best ska-jazz-reggae acts – the BROOKLYN ATTRACTORS. Anyone familiar with the American Reggae and Ska scene has already heard the work of the musicians in the BROOKLYN ATTRACTORS. The group’s core line-up consists of New York City Reggae and Ska veterans, LARRY McDONALD, EDDIE OCAMPO, BIG DAN JESSELSOHN, BUFORD O’SULLIVAN, GIDDEON BLUMEBTHAL, as well as Anant Pradhan and Luke Penella, two emerging musicians on the NY Jazz scene. The group was created by Westbound Train trumpeter and Void Union co-founder RICH GRAIKO in 2011 as a way to pay homage to 1960’s era Jamaican and American instrumental music. [click to continue…]

109080_02_800 109079_02_360This is exciting news! For those of you who had to dig deep in the late 80’s to find any new ska, Japan’s SKA FLAMES were a bit of a holy grail band! Thank goodness GAZ’S ROCKIN’ RECORDS UK (curated lovingly by GAZ MAYALL of THE TROJANS) released their first album “SKA FEVER” in 1989 otherwise the world might not have been hip to Japan’s traditional ska-jazz pioneers. These cats were basically The Skatalites of Japan, it’s that simple! They are back with 4 new songs over 2 limited edition Japanese import 7″ singles, and JUMP UP exclusively has these for the USA.!! Very limited press from the band’s very own SUNSHOT label!! Shipping next week for October 19th street date.


***Unfortunately we can’t offer this release to our 7″ club members due to the limited quantity received. So sorry guys.  We really wish we could.

meowbluemeowredIf you haven’t picked up a MEOW MEOWS record yet….what on earth are you waiting for?? This English band has been a touring monster, their high energy 2-TONE ska brings to mind the DANCE HALL CRASHERS and THE SPECIALS!!  Comparisons to THE SKINTS and HOLLIE COOK also are immediate – guess it’s that British accented sultry female wordplay?  We fell in love with their first album “SOMEHOW WE MET” – of course immediately putting it to wax! A year or so later we released the limited “Friends on Benefits” 7″ EP …but we are so proud to say that thie brilliant new album is HERE on vinyl!  We found this amazing write up from Brightonpost.com – we couldn’t descrive the album any better – so here it is!! [click to continue…]

hotknivesIt’s so exciting to see these late 80’s / early 90’s European revival albums originally released on UNICORN and SKANK RECORDS back on wax from our friends at MAD BUTCHER in Germany. To put it simply, labels like UNICORN, SKANK, SKA, and PORK PIE bridged the gap between the end of 2-TONE and the beginning of what became known as the “third wave”.  Super melodic with catchy vocals and gentle horns, THE HOTKNIVES “THE WAY THINGS ARE” was truly a modern British ska classic. To this day, this album is still my stone cold favorite from the Unicorn catalog. Songs like “DAVE & MARY”, “OLD MAN AND HIS DOG” and “DON’T GO AWAY” are so perfectly English, strong lyrics that stay in your head forever. Exact replica from the 1990 issue – we can not recommend this enough for people who like 2-TONE ska!!

Prior to THE HOTKNIVES debut studio album – SKANK records releases an amazing LIVE double LP capturing the band at it’s prime!! A two LP set full of tunes that would become popular worldwide, including covers of “LIQUIDATOR”, “DOUBLE BARRELL”, and “AL CAPONE”. Tracklisting: A1 Cryin’ A2 Alcoholic Nightmare A3 Don’t Go Away A4 Dick Barton A5 Turkey Stomp A6 Doing Alright B1 Skin Up Harry B2 Believe It B3 Driving Me Mad B4 She’s A Lady B5 Liquidator B6 Holsten Boys C1 Rio C2 W. L. N. C3 Jack The Ripper D1 Dust Of Death D2 Double Barrel D3 Al Capone

a2611055303_10singleAGGRESSORS B.C hail from Belfast City, Ireland, formed in 2009 with members from RUNNING’ RIOT, POCKET BILLARDS, BOSS SOUND MANIFESTO, & 1000 DRUNKEN NIGHTS. They released their first 8 song Demo “Boss sounds from Titanic town” in 2010 and supported Vic Ruggerio, The Slackers, Pama International, Les Skalopes, RDF, Steve Ignorant, The Splitters, Smoke Like a Fish, and more. They play upbeat streetpunk ska with dark 2 tone influences, plus a bit of Rocksteady and Reggae to keep it interesting. Their first album “TONE OF THE TIMES” from 2014 covers themes of anti-racism, laughter & loss with a few tales of Belfast town! A fantastic debut indeed, and we still have just restocked the LP vinyl! Their “BELFAST CITY” 7″ has four brand new stomping tracks, check them out at their Bandcamp page!  [click to continue…]

fisheresslider4We’re restocking the latest album from one of our favorite new international bands – THE MIGHT FISHERS from HUNGARY! An amazing seven piece that play traditional ska, rocksteady, early reggae and lovers’ rock  – lead by the sultry female vocals of Anna “CeAnne” Szelinger, who is also a member of the Pannonia All Stars Ska Orchestra. We love her music so much that we will be releasing her solo acoustic ukulele ska/reggae album this Christmas on cassette tape!  Follow CeAnne on Instagram and hear some of these beautiful acoustic tunes! Their first ’High Four’ EP  was released in September, 2011 and brought the attention to MAD BUTCHER Records in Germany who released one of their songs is on “Skannibal Party Vol. 11”. They have toured all  over Europe (Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Croatia) and have played on the famous Sziget Festival (HU), Skaville Festival (HR), This is Ska (see VIDEO here) (DE), and Rototom Sunsplash . “Soul Garden” is their debut full length, released as a collaboration between Mad Butcher (Germany) and Casual Records (France), 13 tracks that are a perfect summer soundtrack! Light and airy ska sounds on “Every Night & Every Day” , funky uptempo reggae on “Magical Sound”, laid back vocal harmony rock steady jams “Skin That Fish”, “Give Me Some”, and “Dancing Mood”,  heavy organ early reggae scorchers on “Working”, “Hard Life”….man, I could go on forever!  Just get this record! Check out this sweaty live concert from earlier this year!

tapeslongindonesiatapecsd2016This is the second year that JUMP UP has participated in Cassette Store Day, and we are so excited to have a new batch of tape releases coming out in stores nationwide on Saturday, October 8th! For a list of stores participating in CSD2016 go to cassettestoreday.com – make sure you request our titles so they stock them! You can hear songs from all our new cassettes at our Soundcloud page. We are taking DIRECT ORDERS NOW if you don’t have a participating shop in your area….email your cassette tape selections to jumpuprecords@gmail.com once you have made payment. Magnetic magic!  [click to continue…]

arthurkayrude_boys_7inchThey crew at MAD BUTCHER Germany really outdid themselves with these two reissues from the late 8os!! ARTHUR KAY’s “RARE AND TASTY” was released on SKANK Records in 1988 but actually compiled his rare self-released singles during the beginning of the 80s during the height of 2-TONE.  Songs like “PLAY MY RECORD” and “SOOTY IS A RUDY” are stone cold 2-TONE classics, but his “SKA WARS” single was not far behind. This album is essential for all fans of “lost” UK 2-TONE sounds!  The other reissue from the same period is 1989’s 4 track EP from the RUDE BOYS, this was the new orleans r&b styled ska band fronted by Roddy Moreno of The Oppressed. Originally released on 12″ single on SKA RECORDS, Mad Butcher has put this exact repro on 7″ single once again!

toastersdltbtoastersnyfTwo great THE TOASTERS albums reissued back on vinyl! Both NY FEVER and “D.L.T.B.D.Y.D.” were classic albums that originally came out in the 90’s on Moon Ska. Being the 90’s and all, vinyl on these albums were import only, so don’t miss your chance to get these limited re-presses! [click to continue…]

toastthrilltoastpooltoasteastsidetoastrecrimWe are so pleased to have these must have 80’s classics from THE TOASTERS back in stock! First off we have their 1987 classic “POOL SHARK” released on the legendary UNICORN RECORDS label. Many MANY of these songs are still performed live to this day! Tracklisting: Pool Shark, Talk Is Cheap , Renee , Shocker! , Toast On The Coast , Matt Davis, Weekend In L.A. , Now Or Never , Ideal Man , Naked City , So Long Buck. One of my faves is their 1989 classic “THRILL ME UP”, originally released on Skaload. That was the heyday of singers Sean ‘Cavo‘ Dinsmore and Lionel ‘Nene‘ Bernard, who became so popular from this album that they got signed to a major label as the UNITY 2. [click to continue…]