Cassette Store Day is Magnetic Magic! Tape-a-palooza! We have released 43 cassettes!

We are gearing up for another Cassette Store Day! 2019 will be our 4th year as an official label – once again we lead the pack with the most CSD releases of ANY label – 12 scheduled so far –  and  check out all the glory! It’s crazy, when we jumped back on board in 2016 we released the “Pressure Drip” collaboration tape with Dark Matter – a Jump Up label sampler to be enjoyed while sipping on our exclusive coffee blend. Every year since then we have added more and more new titles and retro classics to the catalog. Tapes are super fun and very collectible, and they are more limited than vinyl! They are also VERY affordable – more and more tape decks, Walkman or Boombox style portable players are being made now too! Due to many requests we decided that it was time to designate a page to the tape catalog we have available. Everything BUT our first CSD tape “Pressure Drip” is currently available. See pics and lists – the more you order the cheaper the tapes get!  Available Tapes:

Danny Rebel Boombox Sessions (Cass) JUMPTAPE001
Los Vicios De Papa Live At Cumbiasazo! (Cass) JUMPTAPE002
Various Dance Crazy – Best of Specialized Ska (Cass) JUMPTAPE003
King Stitt Cool & Copasetic Selector Set (Cass) JUMPTAPE004
Reggae Workers Of The World Reggae Workers Of The World (Cass) JUMPTAPE005
Rude Guest Lost Chicago Ska 1982-1993 (Cass) JUMPTAPE006
Various Pressure Hop (Cass) JUMOTAPE007
Danny Rebel Boombox Sessions Vol. II (Cass) JUMPTAPE008
CéAnne Ukesteady (Cass) JUMPTAPE009
The Uppertones Up Up Up! (Cass) JUMPTAPE010
The Bakesys Complete Collection (Cass) JUMPTAPE011
Rude Boy George Play Anything (Cass) JUMPTAPE012
The Dave Hillyard Rocksteady 7 Playtime ?(Cass) JUMPTAPE013
The Pietasters Oolooloo (Cass) JUMPTAPE014
The Pietasters The Pietasters (Cass) JUMPTAPE015
The Slackers Better Late Than Never (Cass) JUMPTAPE016
Kingston All-Stars Rise Up (Cass) JUMPTAPE017

The Slackers The Question (Cass) SPTAPE001
The Slackers Close My Eyes (Cass) SPTAPE002
The Slackers Peculiar (Cass) SPTAPE003
The Slackers Wasted Days (Cass) SPTAPE004
The Slackers Redlight (Cass) SPTAPE005

Roger Rivas “Last Goodbye” & “Autumn Breeze” (Cass)
Akahsa “Mother Of Exiles” (Cass)
The Dendrites “Damn Right” (Cass)
Brooklyn Attractors “The Move” (Cass)
Susan Cadogan “Take Me Back” (Cass)
Michael Jackson vs The Drastics “MJ A ROCKER” (Cass) MJAROCKERTAPE
Green Room Rockers Sweat Steay (Cass) GRRNBTAPE
The Prizefghters Firewalk (Cass) JUMP145CS
The Fuss Ourselves (Cass) JUMP137TAPE
The Scotch Bonnets Come On Over (Cass) JUMP154CS
Mephiskapheles God Bless Satan (Cass) JUMPTAPE666
Mephiskapheles Maximun Perversion (Cass) JUMPTAPE667
Various Drink The Ska (Cass) DRINKSKA001T
The Crombies Dance Crazee (Cass) JUMP116CS
The Toasters Dub 56 (Cass) JUMP098TAPE
The Toasters 2 Tone Army (Cass) JUMP099TAPE
The Toasters Skaboom! (Cass) JUMP129TAPE
Gangster Fun Come See Come Ska (Cass) GFUN001
Culture Shock The Humanity Show (Cass) FISHTAPE55
Various Music Box Christmas Skanker CHRISTMASKA

Tapes are $8 eacch / $5 for $30 / 10 for $50  /  25 for $100  (message us for this deal!)

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