Boss Skinhead Reggae Sounds! xROB BLACK “Grand Shelf Reggae” LP (Poland) and D’JENKS CD (Indonesia)

It’s always a pleasure for us to introduce fans to new foreign bands, both on our weekly radio show and in our mailorder. This time we are featuring two bands playing top-shelf early reggae sounds from Poland and Indonesia! xROB BLACK released a 7″ single a few years ago that we carried in our mail order – and it simply blew us away! Wicked instrumental organ heavy early reggae sounds. These ten tracks sound like vintage UPSETTERS material, with a total Spaghetti Western vibe to it. THE UPSESSIONS are another good reference point, both those bands are on the same vive. This limited edition vinyl LP was extremely hard for us to get, one shot deal don’t delay! (we do have these set aside for our club members!).  D’JENKS self titled CD is more of the punk variety of skinhead reggae, most definitely influenced by THE AGGROLITES. Powerful lyrics and a manic reggae pace, these guys are really a sight to see – also pick up the SOUNDCLASH INDONESIA cassette tape if you want more of D’JENKS!

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