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It’s import single time again and we have a nice and diverse collection today! First of is the debut 4 song 7″ EP from Germany’s T-KILLAS, co released by CASUAL (France) and GROVER (Germany). These guys play fantastic 2-TONE influenced ska in the vein of modern acts like PIETASTERS, INTERRUPTERS, LIPTONES, CROMBIES. It’s fast and furious and guaranteed to get your feet moving, a truly top notch debut. ROCKSTEADY SPORTING CLUB are back, our favorite darlings from the former French holding of Reunion Island (off of Africa) bring us another two tracks of uplifting traditional ska with sultry female lead vocals. “ISLAND IN THE SUN” and “SHEEPISH SHEEP” are both more uptempo than previous singles, the 2-TONE vive does remind of a bit of THE SELECTER. Nice!

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MAD BUTCHER reissues late 80’s European Revival classics! THE RIFFS “Who Wants It” LP + THE BRACES “Prime Cut” & “Blue Flame” LP

riffsContinuing the UNICORN reissue restocks –  we restocked the brilliant debut album from Italy’s finest 2-TONE influenced ska act CASINO ROYALE – “TEN GOLDEN GUNS” was released in 1989 to critical acclaim and launched the career of a band that would last decades, but who would change stylistically. The debut is simply the best for SKA fans! “Someone Says” is a true 2-TONE sing along classic – one that we played on our earliest radio shows back when it came out! Continue reading MAD BUTCHER reissues late 80’s European Revival classics! THE RIFFS “Who Wants It” LP + THE BRACES “Prime Cut” & “Blue Flame” LP

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THE HOTKNIVES early albums reissued by MAD BUTCHER! Must have UK 2-TONE revival SKA!

hotknivesIt’s so exciting to see these late 80’s / early 90’s European revival albums originally released on UNICORN and SKANK RECORDS back on wax from our friends at MAD BUTCHER in Germany. To put it simply, labels like UNICORN, SKANK, SKA, and PORK PIE bridged the gap between the end of 2-TONE and the beginning of what became known as the “third wave”.  Super melodic with catchy vocals and gentle horns, THE HOTKNIVES “THE WAY THINGS ARE” was truly a modern British ska classic. To this day, this album is still my stone cold favorite from the Unicorn catalog. Songs like “DAVE & MARY”, “OLD MAN AND HIS DOG” and “DON’T GO AWAY” are so perfectly English, strong lyrics that stay in your head forever. Exact replica from the 1990 issue – we can not recommend this enough for people who like 2-TONE ska!!

Prior to THE HOTKNIVES debut studio album – SKANK records releases an amazing LIVE double LP capturing the band at it’s prime!! A two LP set full of tunes that would become popular worldwide, including covers of “LIQUIDATOR”, “DOUBLE BARRELL”, and “AL CAPONE”. Tracklisting: A1 Cryin’ A2 Alcoholic Nightmare A3 Don’t Go Away A4 Dick Barton A5 Turkey Stomp A6 Doing Alright B1 Skin Up Harry B2 Believe It B3 Driving Me Mad B4 She’s A Lady B5 Liquidator B6 Holsten Boys C1 Rio C2 W. L. N. C3 Jack The Ripper D1 Dust Of Death D2 Double Barrel D3 Al Capone

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MUST HAVES for AGGROLITES fans! GROOVIN’ JAILERS “Take It Or Leave It” LP + 65 MINES STREET “Sick & Bitchin’ ” Deluxe LP – produced by BRIAN DIXON (ex-AGGROLITES)

groovinjailers65minesspreadOne again we are proud to stock the latest releases on French label CASUAL RECORDS!  Last year we stocked the 2012 10″ vinyl release from the GROOVIN’ JAILERS who hail from the north of France. A truly fantastic live band, they tour non-stop and have played with the likes of BRANLARIANS, RED SOUL COMMUNITY, and 65 MINES STREET, and their sound is a cool and retro mix of original Jamaican ska, funky 70s reggae, and vintage soul styles. Think DAPTONE meets STUDIO ONE, with French Ye-Ye influences here and there. And the artwork is super fun!

The title track sets the stage for the album, it’s a tough funky reggae soul workout, with powerful shout-style vocals and heavy keys. Tracks range from THE AGGROLITES inspired soulful dirty reggae in “HOLD ON”, “MORE LOVE”, “COUNTRY BOY”, “PICK ME”, “NO ONE BUT YOU”, “BB YOU CAN GO”, uptempo organ grinders “REGGAE RUSH”, “CALL PHONE”, and “EASY SHOT”, and the beautiful mellow grooves of “WANT TO DREAM” and lazy ska of “WORK SOLDIER”. A must have album for fans of that modern funky skinhead reggae sound! GET THIS! Pressed on heavyweight vinyl,  we’re sure this will be your new favorite for 2016!

Continue reading MUST HAVES for AGGROLITES fans! GROOVIN’ JAILERS “Take It Or Leave It” LP + 65 MINES STREET “Sick & Bitchin’ ” Deluxe LP – produced by BRIAN DIXON (ex-AGGROLITES)

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NST & SOUL SAUCE “Song for Rico” 7″ – South Korean roots reggae!

NST & THE SOUL SAUCE 7″ single is OUT NOW, a co-production of JUMP UP RECORDS and EASTERN STANDARD SOUNDS from Seoul South Korea!!  These amazing roots reggae nuggets can finally spin on your turntable!! A tribute to the late great Rico Rodriguez, this amazing roots reggae band just played the Fuji Festival in Japan! Limited edition vinyl with gorgeous artwork from Chema Skandal. A must for fans of that 70’s groundation reggae style definitely with a Count Ossi rasta vibe. Trust us, this is as incredible as it looks!

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GIGANTES MAGNETICOS “Power of Choice” LP – early reggae / rock steady grooves from Argentina featuring Jamaican bass legend VAL DOUGLAS!

lp-gigantosmagneticos-powerofchoiceArgentina’s GIGANTES MAGNETICOS have returned with an amazing second album, featuring the unmistakable bass of the one and only VAL DOUGLAS, who recorded with countless stars such as Peter Tosh, Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown – and now with the legendary SKATALITES! Yes, the legendary Jamaican bass man triggered “Power of Choice” – laying down crucial bass lines for all the tracks – from the irresistibly groovy sweetness of the opening “Well Well Well”, to the Hammond ridden extravaganza of “Hitting The Beach”, and the serious thumping of the title composition – DOUGLAS sets the pace, marks the tone, and ultimately defines the rules. Conceived and recorded at Buenos Aires’ Kingston Factory, co-released on Liquidator Spain and Jewels France. If you thought their first album, or 7″ singles on Jewels were great – you’re going to be blown away by these ten tracks! Comes with MP3 download code. Check out the promo sampler on YouTube.

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BABYLOVENEWBabylove & The Van Dangos are one of Europe’s top live ska acts, the band guarantees an extravaganza of ripping skanking, heavy one-drops, and blasting horns, with the energetic frontman Daniel Broman spreading the love of old school ska and rocksteady music. It’s a soulful ska/reggae ride, and their unique take on the Jamaican tradition has brought them around the world and earned them a place in league with the top live acts on the ska scene.  Continue reading BABYLOVE AND THE VAN DANGOS “On My Life” LP vinyl

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LEO & THE LINEUP “Hit The Streets” LP vinyl – SKA with SOUL! A must for 2-TONE and DIRTY REGGAE fans!

LEOLPFoto Leo & the Lineup 2015LEO & THE LINEUP – SKA got SOUL! With their brand new album this Danish 9 piece are not only hitting the streets, but also venues all across Europe – with their high octane soul-fuelled mix of ska and dirty reggae tunes! Their charismatic singer and songwriter LEO directs a divine choir of beautiful ladies who will warm your hearts and your dancing feet! “HIT THE STREETS” is brimming over with stellar smash hits like the 2-TONE flavored “LIVE GOES BY”, the time tested party stomper “WOOLY BULLY”, and the sweet reggae ballad “MOLLY GIRL”, these Copenhageners are now in the premier league of the genre! For “old timers” like us we describe it as the ENGLISH BEAT, NAPOLEON SOLO, PEPPER POTS, THE SPECIALS, and THE PIETASTERS all wrapped up into one. It is THAT good my friends! Continue reading LEO & THE LINEUP “Hit The Streets” LP vinyl – SKA with SOUL! A must for 2-TONE and DIRTY REGGAE fans!

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MONTY “Neysmith” MONTGOMERY of SYMARIP returns! New 7″ singles with THE BISHOPS and SOUL RADICS + BOSS HOOLIGAN release!

MONTYx3OUTMONTYx3SLEEVESWe at JUMP UP are so proud to be working with Original SYMARIP keyboardist / singer / songwriter MONTY “Neysmith” MONTGOMERY in 2015! The partnership started at the end of 2014 when we booked him for a Jamaican Oldies show at Mayne Stage, for that gig we called on THE BISHOPS from Omaha, Nebraska to learn the SYMARIP songbook plus some of Monty’s modern moonstomp classics. We figured since everyone was in town, let’s go into the studio and see what happens! Produced by Mike Corcoran of Deal’s Gone Bad at his Legendary studios, the gang went in to re-record two of Monty’s classics from the new millennium – “JUMP” is a midtempo ska groover with great horn hooks and soulful vocals calling you to the dancefloor! The flip is a tribute to the  Laurel Aitken – “Laurels For Laurel” thanks the Godfather of Ska for taking a chance on a young group called THE BEES – who would eventually morph into the mighty SYMARIP! It’s also a midtempo ska groover with THE BISHOPS  providing excellent backing vocals as well as that steady backbeat. Continue reading MONTY “Neysmith” MONTGOMERY of SYMARIP returns! New 7″ singles with THE BISHOPS and SOUL RADICS + BOSS HOOLIGAN release!