DEAL’S GONE BAD “Heartbreaks & Shadows” LP vinyl !

What can we say about Chicago’s DEAL’S GONE BAD? We here at JUMP UP have been here from the very beginning, through dozens of line up changes and 20 years of soulful ska & reggae sounds! “Heartbreaks & Shadows” is the second album from lead singer Todd Hembrook, a follow up to 2007’s “The Rambles” that saw the band tour all across the USA and mainland Europe. Yes, it’s been 7 years….but well worth the wait! These tunes may be a bit darker in lyrical content, but the traditional Jamaican ska & reggae grooves combined with Todd’s serious soul chops keep the vibe lively and the dance floor moving! The boys funded this album through the crowd-source site BIG TUNES, and we are PROUD to be able to finally carry the LP to JUMP UP customers all around the world!

Don’t forget to also pick up the new “SHINE” b/w “LODI”  7″ single and their first three albums on the WELCOME TO THE VAULTS 3xLP + 7″ reissue !


A:  1- Shine (single edit) 3:42  2- The Fool 3:26  3- Tell Me What You Know (About Love) 3:45  4- Just Won’t Do 2:45  5- Train 4:08

B:  1- Weigh Me Down 4:16  2- California And 26th 3:34  3- Sweet Morning 3:30  4- Tell Yuh 3:04  5- Walkaway (Version) 4:35

Limited Edition 7 inch vinyl single on JUMP UP out NOW! “Shine” is taken from their new album “Heartbreaks & Shadows” (which will have in the webshop as soon as the boys get them back from the presses!), with a non-album b-side cover version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic “Lodi”.  Very cool 1960′s “private press” Northern Soul style labels too! A true collectors edition, get them before they are gone!



Heartbreaks & Shadows
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