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A Truly Unique Gift! Handmade “Jamaican Blank” 45rpm style earrings are a must for every RUDE GIRL!

EARINGSONRECSMALLEARINGSAs they say the apple doesn’t fall from the tree! Years and years of 45rpm records being left around the house after DJ gigs combined with the DIY spirit of running JUMP UP at all hours of the day…has lead to my daughter’s newest polymer clay creation for the holiday season! Maggie goes by the handle Miniaturefoodmaker on Etsy (also check out her Taco earrings and Pie magnets!) and has created a wonderful line of “Jamaican Blank” earrings!!  As you can see the design is based on those scribbled on records DJs loved to death back in the day. For fun we have simulated how great female artists of Jamaican history would have looked wearing them! This is a unique, lovingly hand crafted item and a truly wonderful gift for that special someone this holiday season. Oh, and each purchase gets Maggie one step closer to that Iphone she wants but is hard to afford on a DIY label income! 


Jamaican Blanks
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1Earrings One Pair$15.000.25 lbs
2Gmme Two pair (save $5) $25.000.25 lbs
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