Limited GROVER colored vinyl + CD editions: LAUREL AITKEN “Story So Far” / LLOYD BREVETT “Africa Roots” / DOREEN SHAFFER “Adorable”

Very limited quantities of these super collectible color vinyl + CD editions in stock now! The wonderful LAUREL AITKEN “Story So Far” collection takes his most loved tracks from across his recording career and puts them in one place! LLOYD BREVETTE of THE SKATALITES released this roots heavy reggae masterpiece in the late 70s, a must for fans of dub, versions, etc. DOREEN SHAFFER of the SKATALITES classic from the 2000’s – need I say more?

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1Laurel Aitken "Story" LP$25.001.00 lbs
2Lloyd Brevett LP$25.001.00 lbs
3Doreen Shaffer LP $25.001.00 lbs
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