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GROVER imports: ARTHUR KAY & THE CLERKS “The Night I Came Home” LP (w/CD) – 86 CREW “Working Class Reggae” LP(w/CD) – SENIOR ALL STARS “Elated” LP

Three fantastic new releases from Grover Records Germany! South London eighties 2-TONE legend ARTHUR KAY teamed up with German 2-TONE ska act THE CLERKS for this great new album – it’s everything you’d hope for! Bouncey keyboard heavy ska rhythms and KAY’s unmistakable vocal style and wit. Heavyweight vinyl comes with a CD. France’s 86 CREW has returned with “WORKING CLASS REGGAE”, and contrary to the title this album is choc-full of 80’s 2-TONE ska! Sung mostly in French, 86 CREW has been a perennial seller for well over a decade for us! A skinhead band for rudies worldwide, this album is highly recommended. Heavyweight vinyl comes with a CD. Lastly, Germany’s SENIOR ALL STARS are back with an incredible roots reggae opus “ELATED”, heavy on dub with lots of wizardry from the mixing deck! There’s definitely some modern influences from the American roots reggae scene (EASY STAR) as well as vintage throwback to KING TUBBY, AUGUSTUS PABLO, and LEE PERRY.

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