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JAH ON SLIDE new “CELOS” 7″ + “Never Knocked Out” LP back in stock!

jahpnslideFRANCE really has it going on! If you love traditional big band ska with the energy of 2-TONE look no further! JAH ON SLIDE from France have been releasing great ska since the late 90s, they were one of our biggest import sellers back in the CD heyday! A fantastic traditional & 2 TONE mix, vocals in English/French, this is their first album in years! Back in stock for a limited time!┬áCASUAL RECORDS has also just released the BRAND NEW 7″ single from the band, featuring members of El Gran Miercoles! “CELOS” is a nice female fronted tune sung in Spanish in a slower ska style, very old timey recording sound and vocal style! The flip “Jalousie” is a French trad ska gem! Limited edition! Check it out here!

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1JAH ON SLIDE 7"$8.000.25 lbs
2JAH ON SLIDE LP$15.001.00 lbs
3Both JAH LP + 7" (Save $3)$20.001.25 lbs
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