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KINGSTON RUDIESKA “Everyday People” LP vinyl South Korean ska/reggae champs produced by BRIAN DIXON (ex-Aggrolites) – art by Chema Skandal!

Korea’s authentic ska pioneers, KINGSTON RUDIESKA, bring a smile to faces and a shine to dancing shoes worldwide! The 9 piece wins fans wherever they go—be it festival stages, small punk clubs, national TV, the big screen or over the course of 4 full albums and several EPs. The band celebrated it’s 12th anniversary in 2016, collaborated with German ska legend Dr Ring Ding in 2014 which later resulted in their first vinyl recording on JUMP UP. Over the past autumn they worked on their latest album, “Everyday People”, under the guidance of veteran producer and engineer, Brian Dixon (former member of LA ska band The Aggrolites), which was officially released in Korea at the end of 2015. We at JUMP UP are proud to announce the colored vinyl LP edition is back, limited to 500 copies. Artwork by Chema Skandal too! For a limited time, we will toss in a FREE 7″ single from fellow Korean band NST & THE SOUL SAUCE, who will be coming to the USA in June!  

One of Kingston Rudieska’s strengths has always been a willingness to experiment and improvise with the ska and reggae genres, staying true to their Jamaican influences while often infusing their music with a uniquely Korean twist. Never has this trait been pushed as far or displayed as gloriously as on “Everyday People”, their latest album and a sign of their growth as a band. Member Oh Jeongseok (trumpet, flugelhorn) explains the title: “This album is for usual people – for everyone to enjoy. The album includes sad songs, happy songs, and songs about our lives. We tried to come up with a name that could reflect that.” While far from usual, there truly is something for everyone on this album, for newcomers to the ska genre to jazz lovers, yet old fans will surely be kept happy despite the new directions. Each instrument is allowed its chance to shine as always, and new ones are introduced: guest Tommy Tornado on saxophone on the track “Never No More/사랑은 없어”, Kim Violin’s soothing strings on “On the Beach/그리운 해변” and Choe Hwi Seon’s Korean yanggeum on “East Meets West”. The usual Kingston Rudieska authentic ska sound is mixed up with some old school ska jazz, a Latin flavor on “Que Bonita”, two dub mixes, and several lover’s rock tunes, romantically crooned by vocalist Sugar Sukyuel.

The new mature sound and unmistakably tighter nature of the band on this album seem to be a direct result of the recording process and the mastery of producer Dixon. They spent ten days living and recording together at a beautiful new studio on the banks of the lake at Chuncheon, and despite their worries about being creatively pushed in this way, explains Jeongseok, “it worked out well because it forced us to really collectively focus on the music we were making. It was a fantastic experience, and it made us feel like we were one.” Dixon’s plan was to take the highly unusual step of recording the whole band together in one room, playing in a circle and watching each other, without headphones, as opposed to the usual method of recording each section separately. This forced the musicians to focus on the collective “feel” of the music rather than getting tied down by individual technique, which led to some inspired improvisation as well as a new warmth and unity. It also harked back to the recording process favored by the original Jamaican ska bands of the 50s and 60s. Jeongseok continues, “This way, we could read each other’s feelings more easily, give and take energy from one another, and thus, produce a more natural sound. We used a minimal mike setting … so our sound on this album is more blended and natural like we’re on the stage. I would describe it as a kind of live recording album. We wanted to show people that this is really what a band sounds like when they play together, so the sound is not manufactured.”

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