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Rude Girl Power! MEOW MEOWS “Friends On Benefits” 7″ EP prod by PRINCE FATTY and ROCKSTEADY SPORTING CLUB “Dums & Dopes” 7″ from REUNION ISLAND!


RSSC2Two incredible bands with RUDE GIRL lead singers! ROCKSTEADY SPORTING CLUB are from REUNION ISLAND (a former French colony off the coast of Madagascar) and have just released their second 7″ single!  “Dums & Dopes” is a fantastic horn driven 2-TONE dancer with soulful bluesy vocals, the flip “Catlike” is a mid-tempo neo-trad ska tune with summery vocals and groove. Check out both tracks on Bandcamp. We’ve got a small handful of their first “My Own Queen” 7″ just drop us a line if you want that too!

What has UK ska darlings MEOW MEOWS been up to recently?  Well, they’ve got a brand new 3 track 7” single called “FRIENDS ON BENEFITS” on JUMP UP RECORDS!  Of course it’s a fantastic mix of 2 TONE ska and garage rock lead by a female vocal force, drawing comparisons to a wide range of artists like THE SKINTS, HOLLIE COOK, THE SELECTER, and DANCE HALL CRASHERS!  But the origins of the title track is truly fascinating! Read on below! 

In September 2014 the band was commissioned by FUEL to take part in the ‘MUSIC TO MOVE TO” project, where they wrote a new piece of music that was good for dancing to. Then professional choreographers would compose a new dance to the track! Under extreme time pressure our Brighton heroes wrote and recorded “FRIENDS ON BENEFITS”  with PRINCE FATTY in under 2 week s – and we here at JUMP UP think it’s one of their best yet!  As you would expect the song has an upbeat horn-driven sound with bittersweet lyrics – it riffs on the demonization of the welfare state whilst also poking a little fun here and there.

And boy were we  surprised with the dance that was composed – it is very different to how people usually dance to ska music, but you could see that the choreographer Jamila Johnson-Small had thought about the themes expressed in the song. Honestly the dance is very colorful and visual – just like the band itself!!  Check out the VIDEO and create some moves of your own!

But wait – there’s more!  Two more new tunes await you MEOW MEOWS fans!  “LONDON ROAD”  is a fantastic 2-TONE gem with dark undertones, think of a cross between THE SPECIALS and HOLLIE COOK. It’s even got a fun prog/harpsichord breakdown!  “TITS AND HATRED” is a frantic uptempo ska tune that definitely has roots in the Third Wave, but with a 60s keyboard flair that harkens back to the Medway  garage sound (dare I say THE PRISONERS?).  Enjoy!  Vinyl is limited to 300 copies, get yours now!


Haven’t picked up their full length “Somehow We Met” LP vinyl yet? Well you’re gonna get a deal today my friend! Snatch that up at the same time and we’re going to save you some money!  See below for info on their incredible first album!

Are you looking for a new high energy 2-TONE ska band that brings to mind the DANCE HALL CRASHERS and THE SPECIALS? We’ve got your new favorite band: MEOW MEOWS! In the three years since their debut they have earned rave reviews touring the UK and supporting some of 2 TONE’s biggest  names!  Producer Mike “PRINCE FATTY” Pelanconi (SKINTS, GRAHAM COXON, HOLLIE COOK) locked the band in his Brighton-based Ironworks studio to capture the raucous energy of their live shows which have made them firm festival favorites. The twelve brand new sixties-tinged tracks blend ska, reggae and garage rock to create an upbeat summer soundtrack.  In contrast, singers Hanna and Danny have moved on from singing about simple hedonism with lyrics reflecting on life in Coalition Britain, expressing solidarity for incarcerated Russian fem-punks Pussy Riot, and picking apart doomed relationships.  The band’s sound is a fresh and happy muddle of sixties garage and dirty pop with a belly-rumbling rocksteady rhythm, blistering hot horns and heartthumping keyboards, topped off by two all-dancing, all-harmonising female singers armed with tongue-in-cheek lyrics and killer stage presence. It’s no surprise, then, that they have a steadily-growing devoted and diverse following. With such a broad range of influences, their potent musical mix is enough to shake the tailfeather of anyone from die-hard original mods to skate-punk greenhorns. Still staunchly independent, entirely self-managed and self-financed, The Meow Meows are looking forward to plentiful summer festival appearances & more general merriment throughout 2014! We are so glad to have their Limited Edition LP vinyl release on JUMP UP RECORDS. We’ve also got IMPORT CDs direct from the band available from us!

Check out their amazing VIDEO for Siberian Soup!

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