RODDYGREYFar too often when a band claims to combine two dissimilar styles of music into an all powerful “new” hybrid, fans get a wee bit skeptical. After all, in most cases these creative endeavors fail miserably – and quite often it involves ska music. Simply put, this stereotype does not apply to the SKABILLY REBELS. RODDY RADIATION’s band successfully takes the best parts of rockabilly, minus the cheesiness that all too often is associated with the genre, and then puts it to a laid back traditional ska beat. Should we expect anything less? Of course you already know him as the legendary guitarist of The Specials (who also wrote their classics ‘Rat Race’, ‘Concrete Jungle’ & ‘Hey Little Rich Girl’), who also later formed blues influenced acts The Bonediggers and The Tearjerkers. He’s a veteran and true innovator of both the 2-TONE ska movement and the English rockabilly revival scene.   Check out these YouTube album samplers for a taste:

Roddy’s  voice is smooth and melodic, yet with pub grit. The fact that his guitar playing is superb goes without saying, but his ability to seamlessly combine both ska and rockabilly without losing the integrity of either genre in downright amazing. The record kicks off with the title track, “Blues Attack,” and it sets the tone for the rest of the album with its rockabilly solos and ska backbeat. “Blue Guitars” starts off with a barn burning rockabilly riff and then mellows out before raging again for the chorus of the song.


1) Blues Attack  2) Black Zodiac  3) Forgive And Forget 4) Doldrums 5) Another Rusty Nail  6) Judgement Day 7) Blue Angel  8) Desire  9) Lonesome No More  10) This Cat Needs A Kitten  11) Blue Guitars  12)  Black Leather Jacket

Roddy Radiation has proven again that he is a truly innovative musician and may be in the process of once again reinventing the face of ska music. Guess this album forces rude boy mods and skins to mix with rockers and teddy boys. What can’t we all just get along?  Limited Edition Grey Vinyl Edition.

We also have in stock his “SKABILLY REBEL ANTHOLOGY” CD  from Grover Records, featuring the original songs he recorded back in the 80’s during, in between, and after THE SPECIALS. A killer CD with all his hard to find tracks, many from small press 7″ singles.


download1 Bonediggers, The – Desire 3:30

2 Tearjerkers, The – What’s The Matter 2:31
3 Bonediggers, The – Hook, Line & Sinker 3:45
4 Bonediggers, The – Bonediggin’ 4:22
5 Bonediggers, The – Blues Attack 3:53
6 Raiders, The – The Man With No Name 3:17
7 Tearjerkers, The – Lorraine 3:01
8 Tearjerkers, The – Judgement Day 4:35
9 Raiders, The – Doldrums 4:50
10 Tearjerkers, The – Don’t Drive Me 2:08
11 Raiders, The – Heartbreak City 3:52
12 Bonediggers, The – Black Leather Jacket 3:35
13 Tearjerkers, The – Nothing Lasts Forever 3:15
14 Roddy Byers & Mark Byers – Fallen Angel 3:44
15 Roddy Byers – Blue Angel 4:19
16 Tearjerkers, The – Dream World 3:27
17 Roddy Byers – Reckless Romance 4:04
18 Roddy Byers & Mark Byers – Dixie Ska 2:29






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