RED SOUL COMMUNITY 7 inch singles from Casual Records! New LP out in September on Jump Up!

We are SO excited to be working with RED SOUL COMMUNITY !! Spain’s top act returns with a new punky 3rd wave meets 2-Tone ska sound for fans of The Interrupters and Tim Timebomb. Formed in 2005 by Carlos Dingo, the band soon became one of the world’s top rocksteady, early reggae, and ska acts led by the captivating lead vocals of Isa Garcia. Full length albums on Spain’s Liquidator Records (2010) and Germany’s Grover Records (2013) received critical acclaim worldwide, now the band have returned from a short hiatus with an uptempo and energetic 90s American ska sound, and what better label to unleash this new direction then on Jump Up Records, right? Lookut for the brilliant new “Holidays In The City” album released in September.  As a teaser we have imported once again their latest singles from Casual Records in France showing the band’s unique mix. “Radio Shots” is described as “when a reggae/ska band decides to make an old skool punk record”, showing shades of The Clash, X-Ray Spex, Stiff Little Fingers into the mix. “Granada Jamboree” is two wonderful slices of uptempo skinhead reggae with Dave Barker style chatting and 2-Tone ska – delivered on yellow vinyl too! In our humble opinion when you mash the sounds of these two singles together you create the vibe on the forthcoming album! “Holidays In The City” LP vinyl released in September!

Red Soul
Casual Singles
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