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RUDE GUEST Lost Chicago Ska 1982-1993″ CD / TAPE

We are SO proud of our RUDE GUEST reissue series! During the early 80’s a small handful of bands kept the 2-Tone ska flame alive – Chicago’s RUDE GUEST was one of them! They released 4 limited edition cassettes before the US third wave kicked into full gear, and this release compiles all 16 songs from these tapes. Songs songs range from happy-go-lucky uptempo 2-Tone ska with a strong sax lead (think Madness or Bad Manners) to progressive roots reggae with a rock guitar lead and brooding 80’s keyboard. We first issued these tracks for CASSETTE STORE DAY back in October, and received some amazing press from the Chicago Reader – who did a full feature on the release including an interview with founding member Paul Schroeder. Read all about that HERE. A month later the band was featured in the Secret History of Chicago Music – right when we announced that the band would play a reunion show on Wednesday December 28th opening for Mustard Plug! Humm…..what’s next in store for RUDE GUEST? Let’s just say we have our sights set on Record Store Day 2017! In the meantime, this CD is limited to 100 copies – and we still have a small amount of the CSD cassette tape left as well!




Rude Guest
Lost Chicago Ska
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