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THE TOASTERS “Ska Jerk” 7″ EP – exclusive USA version with Natalie Wood cover art on orange vinyl – limited to 100 copies!

The link between Jamaican music and US soul/blues is very strong, and the tunes on this Screaming Records import EP are directly influenced by that 60’s vibe. All these songs were mixed by The Toasters frontman Bucket over the course of different projects,  “Ska Jerk” is post “Don’t Let The Bastards Drag You Down” album and was originally intended for a compilation project that never saw light of day.  The song in many ways sums up the vibe of the mid-1960s and the popular culture of that era. The style, the fashion, the dance halls, the attitude…and the soul music. The cover art matches perfectly with an official publicity photograph of the stunning Natalie Wood. Rounding out the single is their fantastic cover of the DAVE CLARK FIVE’s “Bits And Pieces” and the James Bond inspired. “Ska Finger”. Limited to 100 copies, only 60 available for mail order!  Act quick! We have a small amount of THE TOASTERS “House of Soul” 7″ single left add one to your current order for only $5

The Toasters
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