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Brand new SOUL RADICS 7″ single in stock NOW! Get “Down To The Hall” CD / LP (JUMP111LP) too!

soul7SOULRADICSFRONTFresh off their successful European tour comes this new two track 7″ vinyl single on blue wax! Europeans got this special tour single in a limited edition Jamaican blank white label with tour-only artwork, now the official version hits the streets for everyone else!  Two fantastic NEW tunes in true SOUL RADICS style, “DAY RULER” is a boastful little upbeat reggae stomper while “WALK YOUR OWN LINE” is a uptemo new-traditional ska gem – both with the powerful vocals of DANI RADIC! A must have for all their fans! Overseas customers – consider buying one for a friend too, the shipping won’t be any more!

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Soul Radics have been very busy the past year traveling all over the USA, playing with major acts including THE AGGROLITES, FISHBONE,  THE TOASTERS,  MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, and Stranger Cole at Jamaican Oldies Weekend in Chicago. Blistering traditional ska and early reggae with gritty soul melodies is what you get, their shows are an energetic tribute to the early sounds of Jamaica. So dress sharp and wear your good shoes, you will dance! “DOWN TO THE HALL” is their stunning debut on JUMP UP, ranging from laid back skinhead reggae grooves (“Pressing On”, “Rock It Steady”, “Never Soon Enough”), uptempo horn driven neo-traditional ska  (“Reggae Better”, “The Worst Thing”, “Think Twice”) and 2-Tone dancers (“Don To The Hall”,”The Worst Thing”) – these nine tracks are full of sweet harmonies, bubbly organ, tight horns, and the powerful female lead vocals of skinbyrd pin-up Dani Radic. At a time when traditional ska/reggae bands worldwide are dominated by


clones of The Slackers and The Aggrolites, SOUL RADICS  truly stand out from the crowd with a unique, 100% original sound.

CD is a limited edition digipak, LP vinyl

 on red wax!

Check out two tracks at the JUMP UP Soundcloud Page now!






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37" VINYL SINGLE$7.000.25 lbs
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