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SOUL RADICS “Radication” 10″ (w/CD) in stock now! “Big Shot!” LP (w/CD) restocked!

SOULRADICSLPSOUL RADICS may be based in Nashville, Tennessee, but they are truly a worldwide sensation now!  We here at JUMP UP are SO excited about this new 10″album – and you should be too! RADICATION is an 8 track scorcher that delivers modern traditional ska & reggae grooves and a touch of 2-TONE pep to whip you into a dancing frenzy! 10″ vinyl comes with a CD edition of the record too!  We’ve also restocked “BIG SHOT” in case you missed it, full review of that album is below! Don’t worry LP club members, we’re getting these 10″ out to you asap!!!

First up is “Walk Your Own Line”, a song that originally appeared on a tour 7” single – it’s a fantastic uptempo neo-traditional ska tune with Dani’s soulful vocals leading the way, bouncy keys, killer harmonies, tuneful guitar and punchy horns galore – something for the 2 Tone lads as well as the trad folks! “Chance To Be With You” is a faster 2 Tone ska gem, with rapid drumming and heartfelt vocals – it’s even got a lovers rock style male vocal counterpart and toaster! English Beat vibe? Yes! The lead off single “One Time” (check the video) is a tremendously catchy ska romp, with horn lines that compliment Dani’s vocals perfectly, reminds me of 60s girl groups blended with a Skatalites style jazz ska melody. “Really A Mess” is a summery rock steady tune complete with Lyn Tait style guitar licks, beautiful sax solo, and softly sung personal lyrics. Phyllis Dillon mixed with Amy Winehouse? “Stay” is an organ heavy early reggae style tune with Dani crooning about Rudies! It’s a skinhead love affair! “No Fool” is a BIG ska dancer! Definitely would make Prince Buster smile! It borrows group vocal style from old trios, melodies nod to the Mento days, old timely piano, acoustic guitar, and nursery rhyme style vocals. Ska-lip-soul! “Banzai” has steady rhythms with Dani chatting, toasting, and commanding your attention on this BOSS reggae tune! A Moonstomper! “I Wanna Know” is an uptempo skinhead reggae tune, with catchy lyrics, bright horns and organ leading the way! “My Baby’s Mine” is New Orleans Basin Street blues-ska, electric guitar and full brass leads the procession – Dani even gets gruff and bluesy on the vocals! “Mash Dem All” is a slow rock steady cut with Studio One style horns, riddims, and rub-a-dub vocals. Finally, “Thread” is a soulful skinhead reggae tune with great guitar solos and layered vocals – it’s a love song with a ‘69 style meets Motown vibe. There you have it – BIG SHOTS!
Don’t forget to pick up the SOUL RADICS’s latest 7″ single with MONTY Neysmith MONYGOMERY of SYMARIP! MONTYSOULsoulradicsmonty
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