Mad Butcher Reissue: MR REVIEW “XXV” LP – reunion album 10th anniversary edition

One of our favorite bands from the late 80s / early 90s European ska explosion put out a “comeback” album in 2010 when the dynamic Dutch ska duo of Rude & Visser got the band back together! The album “XXV” was originally self released by the band on CD, then in 2012 a very limited vinyl picture was released. Fast forward to 2020 and reissue kings Mad Butcher released the band’s first two classics on vinyl, and fans immediately started to demand that XXV get pressed once again in a regular vinyl format! A must have addition to the MR REVIEW collection!

Restocked! MR REVIEW “Walking Down Brentford Road” / “Lock Stock & Barrel” LP vinyl

The European late 80s / early 90s classics keep coming! MR REVIEW are literally still one of our favorite bands of all time!! An incredible nutty sound full of uptempo manic 2-Tone ska, these Dutch superstars write some of the catchiest tunes of all time. A Unicorn Records classic in 1989, Mad Butcher Germany reissue in 2020! Check out the tunes “Another Town”, “Ice & Snow”, and “The Feeling’s Alight” if you don’t believe me! When the band returned in 1994 for their second album on Grover Records… oddly never came out on vinyl. Now it exists 25+ years later!