JUMP UP is proud to keep 45rpm 7" singles alive, with "portablism" (portable turntablism) and DJ culture on the rise we are releasing more vinyl singles than ever before! First up is brand new material from SYMARIP's MONTY NEYSMITH! We began working with MONTY back in 2014,  we teamed him up with THE BISHOPS from Omaha [...]

LA’s AGGROLITES champion soulful late 1960s reggae, so it’s no surprise that their organist, ROGER RIVAS, would be both a collector of those vintage sounds and be adept at seamlessly versioning some classic JA tracks. Back in the summer of 2009 Roger released a free download 5 track E.P titled 'Organ Versions Volume 1' which [...]

Nick Welsh Is KING HAMMOND – he is a SKA musician, producer, and songwriter  from the UK.  JUMP UP RECORDS is proud to release his first vinyl full length album since 1987’s “Revolution ‘70” – a skinhead reggae rarity released on Buster Bloodvessel’s resurrected Blue Beat label. What? Vintage 60s/70s skinhead reggae revival sounds  in [...]

ROY ELLIS, the voice of SYMARIP captured live in the UK when he returned to perform in the skinhead scene and reunited with fellow band mate Monty Neysmith Montgomery! SYMARIP practically invented the “Skinhead Reggae” craze with two of the genres best known anthems “Skinhead Girl” and “Skinhead Moonstomp”. This Moon Ska World 18 track CD [...]

In the many years that have passed since Deal's Gone Bad released their debut Large and in Charge album, the group have undergone dizzying alterations, yet every change has brought the band a little closer to perfection, helping over time to solidify the group's grand vision, and sharpening  their musical skills, songwriting and arrangements. Still fans' [...]

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