Vive Le France! TWO TONE CLUB “Don’t Look Back” LP & THE BERBISEYANS “Secret Avenger” LP

We are so stoked to bring you two fantastic new albums from today’s top French bands! Those who have been ordering from Jump Up for years are very familiar with TWO TONE CLUB, their previous two albums co-released on Grover were constant fan favorites and one of our best import catalog titles over the years (both restocked see additional post). Their brand new album “DON’T LOOK BACK” is an incredible scorcher, tracks range from uptempo jazzy horn lead instrumental ska (think Tokyo Ska Paradise Orch), manic 2-TONE ala The Specials), scratchy guitar organ heavy skinhead reggae with DJ chat/shout vocals, loungey jazz lovers reggae, and even a vintage soul tune. Fourteen tracks, mostly sung in English, that will get your feet moving for sure! LP vinyl comes with a bonus 7″ single! Not to be outdone is the exciting¬†new release from CASUAL RECORDS,¬† the fantastic debut vinyl album from French skinhead reggae band THE BERBISEYANS, think of an AGGROLITES vibe with football chant style gang vocals. Dare I say skinhead Oi/reggae? If you’re a fan of THE SKOIDATS, 4-SKINS, BOOZE & GLORY, or remember SKIN DEEP? It’s that kind of energy. See pic below! Heavyweight vinyl limited to 500 copies.

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1BERBISEYANS LP$15.001.00 lbs
2Two Tone Club "Don't" LP + 7" $15.001.00 lbs
3Both LPs (Save $5) $25.002.00 lbs
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