LAST BANDCAMP FRIDAY: New SKA Now! 10 LPs for $100 shipped in the USA!

LAST BANDCAMP FRIDAY! New SKA Now DEAL! The vinyl world is obsessed with reissues and nostalgia, they want to keep you buying the SAME BANDS you listened to 20+ years ago! Prices keep going UP UP UP too because the major labels are trying to take over! This Bandcamp Friday please champion new SKA/REGGAE bands and independent labels with this incredible deal:  10 LPs for $100 shipped in the USA!!

After making your purchase send your choices from the below list to  – USA addresses only. No duplicates. Only 1 deal per customer. You MUST purchase the deal first before sending your list of choices. Enjoy!  Chuck

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CYBER MONDAY: Coffee & Ska Singles! Six pack of “Specials Brew” Coffee & Six 45s only $50 shipped in USA!

THE PERFECT GIFT for the BIG SKA FAN!  Only $50 shipped in the USA! Get a Six Pack of the limited edition “Specials Brew” DARK MAKKER cold coffee, a 30th Anniversary Drink Coozie, 45 rpm spindle,  and the folllwing SIX 7 inch vinyl singles (including three Christmas 45s) :

THE FREECOASTERS “This Christmas’ b/w “What Christmas Means To Me 7” (green vinyl)
SKAPONES “Ring The Bells / SCOTCH BONNETS “Winter Reggae Party” split 7″ (white vinyl)
THE UPPERTONES “Shake Hands With Santa Claus” b/w “Rudy The Red Nosed Reindeer” (red vinyl)
HALF PAST TWO “Lyin Eyes” 7″ EP (4 trad-ska tunes inc a Go Jimmy Go cover – blue vinyl)
BIM SKALA BIM “40th Anniversary” 7 inch EP (three great covers)
LOLLYPOP LORRY “You’re Wondering Now” b/w “Jamaica Ska” 7 inch (white vinyl)

HALF PAST TWO “Holiday” LP Picture Disc (Digital Print) – last copies!

Did you hear 2021’s “Holiday” EP is available as one sided digital print vinyl picture disc!?!? Half Past Two, fresh off the release of their self titled 2021 full-length album, released a new EP titled ‘Holidays’ consisting of upbeat ska covers of the song “Holiday” by Madonna, Green Day, Vampire Weekend and Weezer! As guitarist/vocalist Max Beckman put it “While recording our cover of Madonna’s ‘Holiday’ last year, the idea of centering an entire release around covers of songs specifically titled ‘Holiday’ came up and was just too silly to ignore. Completing the additional three songs took a mad dash effort between releasing our new full-length record and returning to live shows but the songs turned out great! We’re super proud of this release and excited for our fans to get in on the joke”.  Green Day’s Holiday that gets the treatment first adding an injection of life, really dialing up the ska and even descending into a wicked sax solo to offer something fresh in a very familiar track. Vampire Weekend’s Holiday has a nice, mellow beat that fits the tone nicely, and believe it or not Weezer’s Holiday has just a touch more bounce and energy than the original!!! Not to be outdone the finale….Madonna’s much-loved Holiday where the band rock things up, blending heaviness with touches of ska. This unique digital printed on one side / music on the other “picture disc” is limited to 350 copies. Add to any order this holiday season for only $15!


In the past we have brought holiday cheer through 45 rpm records with the Pepper Pots, Brooklyn Attractors, Roger Rivas, Leo & The Line Up, Napoleon Solo, and Dr Ring Ding! In 2019 we turned to our longtime friend MR T BONE and his latest project THE UPPTERTONES – a three piece that plays the music of Jamaica that pre-dated ska – a West Indies inspired version of Rhythm & Blues with a touch of mento and Latin styles.  This holiday single puts a Jamaican rhythm & blues spin on Louis Prima’s classic “Shake Hands With Santa Claus” – the flip “Rudolf The Red Noised Reindeer” in mento style!! Limited to 350 copies, red vinyl remains! In 2021 we released a split of original holiday music from two bands tearing up the international ska scene – Britian’s THE SKAPONES and the SCOTCH BONNETS from Baltimore/DC. Both songs are full of sleigh bells, chimes, and lots of holiday cheer! THE SKAPONES “Ring The Bells” and SCOTCH BONNETS “Winter Reggae Party” will be new holiday traditions for sure! In 2022 Florida ska/soul/reggae champs THE FREECOASTERS joined the fun with two soul jams gone reggae – DONNY HATHAWAY’s “This Christmas” (1970) b/w STEVIE WONDER’s “What Christmas Means To Me” (1967) – limited to 500 copies, half on green and half on red vinyl! DJ friendly big hole 45 rpm single! Add any of these singles to a current order for only $5 each. Merry Christmas!

2024 LP Vinyl Subscription Club – 15 LPs for $200 – Introductory offer for first time members!

Special introductory offer ONLY for first time members! Immediately select 3 back catalog Jump Up LPs listed below, and we’ll send you 12 more throughout the next year starting with SCOTCH BONNETS “Live Ya Life” LP, VARIOUS “Our Way – Rat Pack Collection” 10″ LP, GO JIMMY GO “Holiday Hell Yeah!” LP, COOLIDGE “Condition Transmission” LP and THE PIETASTERS “All Day” LP! Later in the year you’ll get debut vinyl releases from D’Jenks (Indoneia), Regreters (South Korea), the lastest album from Young Israelites (Tel Aviv) plus we expect new albums from The Operators, The Crombies, The Dendrites and 80’s legends Bop(Harvey).

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Black Friday! GO JIMMY GO “Holliday Hell Yeah!” LP vinyl – Christmas Classic from 2007 finally on wax!

Hawaii is not exactly the place that springs to mind when one thinks about Christmas. Coconut palms rather than conifers,  and macadamias instead of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Does Santa ditch his red suit for shorts and swap out his sleigh for a surfboard, choosing to ride waves instead of snow? Of course, GO JIMMY GO throw the eggnog out the window and grab a couple of daiquiris, a Piña Colada, and dash down to Waikiki beach to create Christmas tunes steeped in sweet island sugar! “HOLIDAY HELL YEAH!” is a scrumptuous set of 10 seasonal selections with a high level of musicianship, smooth rhythms, haunting vocal harmonies, and slick arrangements. Sure, the set includes beloved staples “MELE KALIKIMAKA”, “SLEIGH RIDE” and “MERRY CHRISTMAS, BABY”, but what makes this album shine years later are the originals: one you hear “HOLIDAY MOVIE MARATHON”, “TROPICAL CHRISTMAS”, “CHING-A-LING-A-DING-DONG” and the title track you’re hooked for life! Originally issued on MOON ROOM RECORDS in 2007, JUMP UP is proud to reissue this Christmas classic on vinyl for the very first time, on holiday red and green vinyl! Come dip your toes in the warm waters of the “Island Sound Known The World Round”. Merry Christmas everybody – Hawaiian Style! Go Jimmy Go style!

Black Friday! THE PIETASTERS “All Day” LP – 2007 classic on vinyl for the first time!

First time on vinyl for THE PIETASTERS’ 2007 classic “All Day”,  originally released by Indication Records. Boasting an old school production reminiscent of the genre’s origins, “All Day” is great mix of ska, reggae, and 60s soul. What makes “All Day” successful has got to be credited with bassist Jorge Pezzimenti (now the genius behind LOVING PAUPERS). Steve Jackson may be the vocalist, but throughout this album, it’s Jorge who put the words to paper, penning 8 tracks himself and co-writing another 4. What a beast! But it is also evident that “All Day” was a group effort. The horns have never sounded better with great solos peppered throughout by trombonist, Jeremy Roberts, trumpeter Carlos Linares, and Alan Makranczy on saxophone. And it bears special note that guitarist Toby Hansen and drummer Rob Stewart can switch between ska, soul, and reggae with ease, despite that each three genres are quite different. Highlights include “Don’t Wanna Know” that boasts lots of snappy horn lines and a very memorable chorus, it’s one of the best post 90s ska tunes ever. “Keep On Lyin'”, “Oolooloo”,  “Triflin””,  “Change My Ways” and “Fozzy (Part 1)”  all sound straight out of Motown. “Late Night Call”, “Dream of You”, and their version of Tom Petty’s hit “Listen to Her Heart” are all great reggae tunes, instrumentals “Anj Gil” and “Sketch Dub” are top shelf 2-Tone, with the latter recalling The Specials’ “Ghost Town” in its vibe. Relive this incredible album on vinyl, first pressing 300 white and 300 translucent orange. Add a copy of their collectible Cassette Week release for only $5 more!

Black Friday! COOLIDGE (ex-Johnny Socko) “Condition Transmission” LP – debut album with bonus tracks!

Sure, you could describe “Condition Transmission” by COOLIDGE as a power pop wolf in a skanking sheep’s clothing, but it’s probably easier just to call it by what else it is: sweet, sweet rock n’ roll. Rock n’ roll with upstrokes and horns and more hooks than your grandpa’s tacklebox, but rock n’ roll nonetheless. COOLIDGE is composed of former members of legendary midwest band Johnny Socko, and while a Socko show was always a party, it was also a clinic in musicality and how to be an indisputable badass at your instrument. COOLIDGE  brings jealousy inducing high energy proficiency, with a maturity that helps the band step out from their former group’s shadow and stand on its own. Replacing Socko’s abject silliness with heart on its sleeve sincerity and positivity, COOLIDGE manages to bring the wisdom of a few more decades lived to the table while keeping it upbeat and fun. It’s high time someone offered a third option to the rock n’ roll conundrum of “burn out or fade away,” and “Condition Transmission” delivers with a masterclass in “Grow up and stay awesome.”  {This was written by superfan Mat Alano-Martin}  Limited edition clear & translucent blue vinyl. Includes bonus tracks!


TWO INCREDIBLE REISSUES from AGGROBEAT RECORDS in the Netherlands! Before SYMARIP there was THE PYRAMIDS, but in between there was SEVEN LETTERS! In 1969 the band recorded eight singles for the UK Trojan imprint Doctor Bird Records, all collected here on “THE SINGLES COLLECTION”. Of course once the band recorded their mega hit ‘Skinhead Moonstomp’ as SYMARIP the rest was history!  LLOYD CHARMERS AND THE HIPPY BOYS ‎”THE SOUL AT LARGE SESSIONS” is an official reissue of the rare ‘House In Session’ LP issued on Pama’s Economy imprint in 1969. Because of copyright restrictions this reissue comes with a different album title and artwork. Both albums are are remastered for vinyl and pressed on 180 grams recycled eco vinyl, packed in a heavyweight jacket and includes an insert with liner notes. BUY BOTH LPs and automatically receive a FREE “Skinhead Boots” cloth slipmat designed by Chema Skandal (while supplies last). Add the SYMARIP PYRAMID “Skinting” b/w “War On Mars” 7″ to the order for only $5 more!  See complete tracklising below.

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Restocked! THE BANDULUS “Love A Woman” LP (random color vinyl)

Portland’s top traditional ska/reggae/soul powerhouse released “Love A Woman” back in 2019 on random colored vinyl, and we finally have it back in stock due to popular demand! In recent years the band has traveled to Europe for Germany’s Freedom Sounds festival, and lead singer Jeremy Pena will be part of this year’s London International Ska Festival.  The album features additional mix and overdubs by THE SLACKERS’ Agent Jay Nugent, and is produced by Curtis Irie and Jeremy Pena!  Features a guest appearance by CHRIS MURRAY.      Tracklisting:  A1 Stop Playin’ With My Heart   A2 Break The Ice  A3 Dear Lord  A4 Am I A Good Man?  A5 Mr. Bad Luck  A6 Flash Flood  A7 Stay True
B1 Love A Woman  B2 Money Man  B3 Two Times  (Featuring – Chris Murray)   B4 Truth   B5 Another Lie  B6 Smile (Discomix) Continue reading Restocked! THE BANDULUS “Love A Woman” LP (random color vinyl)