Aggrobeat Imports: BOSS CAPONE & PATSY “Kings & Queen” LP / FREEDOM SOUNDS 3xCD Box Set

Boss Capone is the alter ego of Boudewijn Van Trigt, core member, songwriter and producer of the Dutch early reggae band The Upsessions. With The Upsessions he released five full lengths including an album with reggae legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Since 2005 The Upsessions toured all over Europe and South-America. After two solo albums under his moniker Boss Capone (2013 and 2015), it was time for a new project, this time together with Patsy. Patsy is the alter ego of Renske De Boer, who is the singer with ska group Mr Wallace and the only Dutch northern soul band The Originators. During the lockdown, the pair quietly worked on this album and the result is truly BOSS! A delicious blend of early reggae and rocksteady with a hint of foundation ska. The eleven tracks are a tribute to legendary Jamaican producers like Clancy Eccles, Derrick Harriott and Carl Johnson, specifically the years 1968-1971, an era when record labels like Pama and Trojan Records were king. But this record is so much more than a trip down memory lane. Through his extensive production work, Boss Capone knows how to make a record sound vintage yet modern, and Patsy’s powerful and dynamic voice pushes the record to greater heights. On this album the pair is musically accompanied by the skilled musicians from The Upsessions and saxophonist Tommy Tornado. Limited edition 180g black vinyl for real reggae heads, imported from Aggrobeat in the Netherlands.

Not to be outdone we’ve stocked this incredible 66 track 3xCD BOX set that celebrates 10 years of the FREEDOM SOUNDS festival in Germany. Loaded with so many exclusives it will make your head spin, check it out:

CD 1
1. Dr. Ring Ding – Pon Di Freedom Sounds
2. The Void Union – Straight To The Top
3. Resonators – Mandrake
4. Soothsayers meets Victor Rice – Last Days
5. Winston Francis – U.T.A.
6. The Roosterz – Break The Silence
7. Roy Ellis – Shine Your Light
8. Tommy Tornado & The Clerks – La Garde Noire
9. North East Ska Jazz Orchestra meets Wicked Dub Division – Shelter
10. Dreadzone – Never Going Back
11. Denise Sherwood – Snake Skin
12. Principles Of Joy – True Life
13. The Soul Chance – Cupid
14. Kitty, Daisy & Lewis – Turkish Delight
15. Le Grand Miercoles – Farewell To Cheyenne
16. The Stingers ATX – Your Face
17. The Clerks – Straight Ahead
18. The Utopians – Let Me Know
19. The Tibbs – Ball And Chain
20. Intensified – Don’s Lament
21. Bim Skala Bim – Gumbo (peace mix)
22. The Slackers – Nobody’s Listening (live)
CD 2
1. The Dynamics – You Gotta Have Freedom
2. The Beat feat. Ranking Roger – Maniac
3. Keith & Tex – Reggae Music Sweet
4. Le Birrette – Call Me
5. King Zepha – You Let Yourself Go
6. Kapelle #3 – Moment Mal
7. Arthur Kay & The Clerks feat. Roi Pearce – King Of The Jungle
8. Too Many Crooks – Behind You
9. Buster Shuffle – In History I Still Have You
10. Maroon Town – Masekela Skank (extended)
11. The Beat From Palookaville – Rudies Give Up
12. Los Apartamentos – Marjorie’s Flirtation
13. Boss Capone & Patsy – Everybody Carnival
14. Nine Ton Peanut Smugglers – Drugs Mule
15. The Skadows – Apache (live)
16. Smiley & The Underclass – We All Get Like This
17. Cartoon Violence – No Detective
18. El Bosso & Die Ping Pongs – Ich Sehe Was (live)
19. Stone Foundation – Tracing Paper (live)
20. The Selecter – Daylight
21. The Meow Meows – London Road
22. Akatz – La Mision
23. Rudy Mills – Goody Goody
CD 3
1. Natty Bo & The Top Cats – One Step Beyond (live)
2. Johnny Clarke meets Soothsayers – African Blood (live)
3. The Officinalis – Silver Moon In Positano
4. The Bluebeaters – Trinity
5. The Hempolics – Fu Man Chu
6. Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra – Unshackled
7. Alpheus – Our Time Will Come
8. The Magnetics – Time Hard
9. Masons Arms – Lass Los
10. Carlton Jumel Smith – Respect The Game
11. Night Owls feat. Chris Dowd & Tippa Lee – I Only Have Eyes For You
12. Eastern Standard Time – Little Brother
13. Goldmaster Allstars – Northern Light
14. The Steady 45s – Just A Little Bit Of Everything
15. Jim Murple Memorial – Covida
16. Jeb Loy Nichols – Big Troubles Come In Through A Small Door
17. The Delirians – Sweet Leaf
18. Conscious Culture – By The Sea
19. The Bandulus – Pieces
20. Babylove And The Van Dangos – Soldiering On
21. Mick Clare – Don’t Go Away

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