First new single in decades by Pama and Trojan Records legend WINSTON GROOVY! Remake of The Pioneers song ‘Reggae Fever’ produced by Sidney Crooks from The Pioneers. The song ‘Reggae Fever’ was originally recorded in 1974 by the members of The Pioneers and gained a cult status over the years because of its references to the skinhead subculture.  His beautiful and distinctive soulful voice still sounds incredible to this day! Includes extensive historical liner notes, big hole DJ 45 single.  Not to be outdone is this debut double a-side single from “The Prince Of Rudeness” featuring The Upessions (aka The Judge Dread Memorial) on side A and The Rocksteady Conspiracy featuring Boss Capone at the other side! It was winter 2010 when The Upsessions met Florian at their backstage after having played a show in Vienna, Austria. Some of the Upsessions noticed that Flo looked very much like Judge Dread, and the band challenged Florian to sing some Judge Dread hits. And to their surprise his voice was unbelievably similar to the Judge Dread’s voice. Florian was renamed ‘the Prince of Rudeness’ and the rest is history; they toured Europe & Brazil, headlined several big reggae festivals, playing Judge Dread’s biggest hits. Boss van Trigt, songwriter of the Upsessions, grabbed his guitar and wrote ‘(what a) Big Thing’ – a brand new song was written in the typical ‘Judge Dread’ style, with melodic vocals and full or rude suggestions. Dave Barker, Rico Rodriguez, Derrick Morgan, The Pioneers are just some of the artists the musicians of The Rocksteady Conspiracy supported as backing band at their concerts in Vienna, Austria in the early 2000s. Ten years later they decided to write songs of their own and founded The Rocksteady Conspiracy. In 2022 they invited their friend Boss Capone to Vienna to hang out and have a good time (and lots of Schnitzel). Eventually they recorded ‘Trouble & Danger’.

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