Hot Ska Punk! AMY GABBA & THE ALMOST FAMOUS “Screaming At The Top Of My Lungs” LP vinyl / CD

This album is SO great! A must for fans of that anthemic pop-punk ska sound of the 90s! Amy Gabba hails from Toronto, Canada – crafting her sound for many years leading up to her 2020 debut EP “The Heart Is Stupid”.  This EP included the brilliant ska-pop-punk sing-a-long “The Distance”, which was soon included on the vinyl only Ska Punk Daily / Pay Attention collection “Too Hectic: Ska Punk Goes International” and on Jump Up’s “ON THE BEACH” summer label sampler CD, which has been distributed to 3000+ fans worldwide. The response to “The Distance” was instant and soon Jump Up was 100% on board with whatever Amy wanted to release in the future! We were so impressed by her DIY drive, honestly, and passion for music – we knew immediately this was something we’d love to champion. Much to our surprise Amy was cooking up something HUGE for her next release, recording in Los Angeles at POT OF GOLD studios featuring members of modern day California ska-pop champs HALF PAST TWO and members of REEL BIG FISH!! That’s right AARON BARRETT and SCOTT KLOPFENSTEIN guest on this record, and TARA from HALF PAST TWO sings a killer duet with AMY as well on “He’s All Yours”!

Let’s back up a bit, we understand this all sounds too amazing to be true! No lies – “SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS” is simply THAT good. We are so incredibly honored to be part of this release it blows our mind daily. AMY has poured her heart out into this album, every song is a catchy earworm seamlessly luring you into the next song.  Put aside the time, you will be unable to hit pause. You will leap out of your seat to flip the vinyl as fast as possible. Front to back this album cooks –  be it blistering modern sing-a-long punky ska (“One Of My Mistakes”, “How Dare You”, “Makes Me Want You More”), anthemic guitar driven pop-punk (“Punching Underwater”, “Ashes”), 90’s radio friendly alt-rock / grunge  (“Heavy”, “Asking For It” , “The Way We Changed”),  second wave 2-Tone with an edge (“Merry Go Round”, “Hey Little Rich Girl” ) or the reggae-rock closer “Uber-Over”.  We watched Amy create this masterpiece over the past year in sheer awe – when you get a copy make sure you tell her how incredible it is! We’re casting an early vote for pop-ska album of the year. INCLUDED IN OUR VINYL SUBSCRIPTION CLUB, we’ll begin shipping everyone out next week! Hot pink and radiant yellow vinyl, both limited to 250 copies each with a lyric & photo insert. Compact Disc too to play in your car!

Amy Gabby & The
Almost Famous
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