Black Friday 2021: Retro Airline Bags & J Roots Jamaican Timeline Puzzle

A few years ago we found a supplier with overstock on blank retro airline bags, we printed on them and they were a big hit! For years we tried to get more but they never turned back up with our supplier – until earlier this year! We asked our ace designer Chema Skandal to create a new original Jump Up design for this new batch and debuted them at Supernova Ska Fest in September. We sold out of the 50 we brought in 2 days! People who missed out started asking if we would have more, plus folks who saw these cool items on the shoulders of fans returning from the fest wanted¬† them too! We listed and MADE MORE! And remember that free poster we gave out at June’s Record Store Day? We MADE A PUZZLE of the J-ROOTS Jamaican Music Timeline!!! It’s 16″ x 20″ and 221 pieces – not only is this a fun challenge for any puzzle fan but it’s a GREAT educational tool. Want to teach your kids the rich history of the music you love? Sit down and do this puzzle with them – we guarantee all the musical pieces will start to connect!¬† Add the puzzle or airline bag to to any Black Friday LP order for only an additional $15 from the cart below. We have less than 20 of each!

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