Best of Europe! TWO TONE CLUB LP / BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS “Lovers Choice” LP

Two of our favorite albums of the 2000’s are back in print on vinyl! First off is France’s legendary TWO TONE CLUB, their debut album was released in 2002 originally on BIG 8 RECORDS. Back in the day this was one of our best selling import CDs, so we’re incredibly pleased to have this back in the USA. Top notch mod scooter skinhead ska & reggae! Denmark’s BABYLOVE & THE VAN DANGOS released their debut album “LOVERS CHOICE” on MAD BUTCHER in 2008, this soulful yet powerful ska album was so good that we put out their next one on Jump Up! The label found a couple boxes of vinyl after all these years, made a limited poster sleeve, and offered some to us. These will NOT last!!!

The Best of
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