CASSETTES!! BROOKLYN ATTRACTORS “The Move” – DANNY REBEL “Boombox Sessions” – LOS VICIOS DE PAPA “Live At Cumbiasazo!”

BROOKLYNDANNYTAPELVDPTAPEJUMP UP is leading the way in the ska/reggae world when it comes to cassette tapes! Being a kid in the 80’s, we grew up with them and are so happy to see them come back strong! We participated in CASSETTE STORE DAY 2015 with our PRESSURE DRIP compilation, and since then we released the debut album by THE CROMBIES on the glorious magnetic format! Now we are ready to add three more to the discography! Get all three tapes for only $15 postage paid by clicking HERE.

BROOKLYN ATTRACTORS are an all star jazz-ska-reggae collective featuring current and former members of Westbound Train, Void Union, The Slackers, Stubborn All Stars, Dub Is A Weapon, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, Beat Brigade & The Toasters. Strictly instrumental, channeling the music of 60’s Jamaica mixed with Blue Note jazz. Their debut album “Good Evil Alchemy” took the world by storm a couple years ago, topping end of the year lists across the world. A digital only live album filled the gap until the crew could get back into the studio – “The Move” was completed in the Spring – eight brilliant tracks that range from scorching Skatalites ska to heavy dread conscious roots vibes. An incredible follow up and 100% worth the wait! Available now on limited edition cassette, 100 copies on orange shell. Comes with download code. CD out this summer, LP in the fall.

DANNY REBEL is known to many as the lead singer of Canadian “bastard” reggae band THE KGB,  their latest album “BLASTOFF!!” on STOMP was a punky reggae mix that tossed in soul and gypsy instrumentation for good measure. Little did we know that one day we would open Facebook and see DANNY’s true calling….acoustic reggae. Yes, through simple internet videos shot for the sole enjoyment of sharing reggae to the world, that we were introduced to this incredible talent. We asked if any of these songs were recorded – and much to our amazement we leaned that they most certainly were…they were all recorded live directly into an old skool BOOMBOX!  Upon receiving the 10 track “Boombox Sessions” we told Danny we would be honored to release this on cassette so others could enjoy the music they way it was meant to be heard – outdoors on a boombox! These acoustic reggae tunes really show us what a beautiful voice DANNY REBEL possesses, and his clever guitar work and “boombox recording techniques” deliver a truly full sound that’s right up there with fans of that classic first CHRIS MURRAY aka VENICE SHORELINE CHRIS “4 Track Adventures of” album. Includes a tremendous version of DENNIS BROWN’s “LIP’S SWEETER THAN WINE”. Cassette only release comes with download link. Limited to 100 copies on green shell.

LOS VICIOS DE PAPA has been on the Chicago ska scene for well over a decade – don’t you remember that JUMP UP released their split CD with Los Pies Negros back in 2005?  Los Vicios de Papá is a high energy Latin ska fusion band with socially conscious lyrics stemming from an undocumented youth experience. Their sound started with a passion for ska/reggae and has evolved into an 8 piece band that arranges Cumbia, Dancehall, Huapachon, Hip Hop, Reggae and Ska creating an intoxicating mix that ignites fans into a dance-frenzy. In 2016 the band played the main stage at the massive RUIDO FEST in Chicago, on a bill that included Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Maldita Vecindad, Los Pericos, Los Cafres, and Panteon Rococo. Fans of any of those bands will thrill to the new LIVE cassette, recorded at the famous “Cubiasazo” global beat night in Chicago. This 60 minute tape truly captures the band at its BEST! Limited to 100 copies on orange and black shells.

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