LAS MELINAS  orchestra began in 2005 and quickly became one of Poland’s top traditional ska acts, delivering a big band ska reggae sound with a bit of swing. In 2020 the band self-released their third album entitled “Las Melinas” on CD, with a vinyl version on Jimmy Jazz Records. A must for fans of WESTERN STANDARD TIME, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA and of course the NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE! Limited edition color vinyl now available! PODWORKOWI CHULIGANI (Backyard Hooligans) second album titled “IT’S HARD” is finally available on vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Originally released on CD in 2002, this hard hitting album is a must for fans of streetpunk Oi! ska like THE SKOIDATS, INSPECTER 7 or SKIN DEEP.

TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS “The Fabulous Sounds of….” LP – Beautiful Brazilian ska/reggae vinyl debut!

SCREAMING RECORDS very first LP is a wicked 7 tracker from the young Brazilian act TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS! Not many are familiar with TYRONE TURTLE & TSR but that is soon about to change. The ambitious 6-piece, spearheaded by Argentina-born singer and key songwriter Diego Sanchez, spent the year of 2021 releasing six singles and establishing a name for themselves  worldwide!  Six very different tunes ranging from the storming, upbeat instrumental ska-track “Franco Nero” to the captivating love song “In Your Eyes”, to the happy go lucky “Drunk & Dancing” as well as the amazing Paul Anka-cover rendition of “Diana”.  All of  these singles plus the exclusive dub-version of “In Your Eyes” are on this debut vinyl release. “The Fabulous Sounds of …” is truly a traditional, authentic blend of ska and rocksteady, and reggae mixed with a variety of Brazilian styles and instruments; standout track is the beautiful “Minha” with its samba-infused feel and Brazilian instrumentation.  Songs are mixed by Roger Rivas (The Aggrolites) in Los Angeles and Jayson Nugent (The Slackers) in New York respectively – and Victor Rice has made the In Your Eyes dub-version entitled “In Your Dub” from his NYC studio. Limited to 300 copies, our allotment will surely go fast!


Top 2022 Import: THE VALKYRIANS “Monsterpiece” LP vinyl – Finnish Boss Reggae & 2-Tone Ska

STUPIDIO & GROVER Records proudly present the 5th album by Helsinki’s finest boss reggae / 2-Tone combo; ltd. edition of 250 copies on green vinyl! These Finnish rude boys celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2022 with an album that was featured on almost every top-10 list for modern traditional ska/reggae! Restocked due to high demand and the praise from our subscription club members!

DAILY RECORDS SPAIN Early 90’s Reissues: DR CALYPSO “Forever” Mini LP / KNOCKOUTS “Knockout Party” Mini LP

DAILY RECORDS Barcelona reissues two legendary early 90’s ska demo tapes on vinyl for the first time! DR CALYPSO “Forever” vinyl reissue of the historic first demo tape recorded in the summer of 1990 by the most extensive line-up Dr. Calypso has ever had (12 members). Two of the four songs that make up this demo appeared in the 1991 compilation “Latin Ska Fiesta” and were the starting shot of a musical career that spawned three decades. The other two songs (“Forever” & “Ruleta Russa”)  remained unreleased until now on vinyl. The artwork features early photos of the group and poster reproductions of their first concerts.  KNOCKOUTS “Knockouts Party” vinyl reissues of obscure demo tape originally issued in 1992 by the ska revival band from Barcelona featuring Skatalà, Dr. Calypso, Estat Precari and Frontpilsen members, features 4 stompin’ cuts heavily influenced by the likes of Madness, Bad Manners, Hotknives and early Dexys Midnight Runners. Includes lyrics insert with lots of previously unseen photos from rehearsals, gigs and photo sessions. File under scooterist sounds! Both vinyl issues are limited to 500 copies

Repress! DR RING DING “The Remedy” LP (poolside blue vinyl)

German ska & reggae virtuoso DR RING DING has returned with his seventeenth album, a wonderful collection of songs that range between reggae, old school dancehall, 2 Tone, traditional ska, cumbia and dub. Since 1987 he has performed with the top Jamaican influenced bands in Germany including EL BOSSO & DIE PING PONGS, SENIOR ALLSTARS, and THE BUSTERS. With the band SKA-VAGANZA he focused on traditional 60s Caribbean music, and that love continues with the songs on THE REMEDY – showing incredible diversity and talent as a singer, songwriter, entertainer and trombonist. Guests include Jamaican dancehall queen SISTA GRACY, the Grammy-nominated TIPPA IRIE, American jazz singer STEPHANIE K. and Swiss singer and Eurovision 2010 participant MICHAEL VON DER HEIDE. An absolutely enjoyable and well-rounded album! The remedy works – just call the Doctor! Repress on poolside blue vinyl in stock now, comes with a drink coaster for your glass of rum!

Restocked! MR REVIEW rarities, live, outtakes LP + “XXV” 10th anniversary reunion LP restocked!

The MR REVIEW vinyl keeps coming! One of our favorite bands from the late 80s / early 90s European ska explosion follow up the reissue of their  2010 “comeback” album XXV with a new collection of rarities, outtakes, singles, and live goodies titled “PRIOR 2 THE 0″s AND 1’s”.  When the dynamic Dutch ska duo of Rude & Visser got the band back together in 2010 we were so excited, the album “XXV” was originally self released by the band on CD and then in 2012 on a very limited vinyl picture disc. Fast forward to 2020 and reissue kings Mad Butcher released the band’s first two classics on vinyl (see earlier post) – fans immediately started to demand more vinyl!  Now in 2021 we get an even cooler rarities collection!

Tracks:    A1 Can’t do it alone   A2 Redemption Road  A3 Losin’ my mind   A4 A tree  A5 The feeling is alright  A6 Ice & Snow  B1 The strett where I’m living   B2 Africa (live)   B3 Ships that pass in the night  B4 Joe’s colors  B5 Christine Keeler (live)  B6 Mystery view (live)

Both these new vinyl editions are limited and are must have additions to every MR REVIEW collection!

Finnish Soul Ska! SKY DEE & THE DEMONS “Celebrator” LP / THE NORTHQUAKES “Tears In Rain” LP

Two amazing imports from the legendary Stupido Records in Finland! SKY DEE & THE DEMONS are a Finnish troop whose 2018 album mixes vintage “northern style” soul and traditional ska into a tasty cocktail, to be perfectly honest this album reminds me of Chicago’s Deal’s Gone Bad!  A driving beat perfect for dancing, truthfully I don’t know how we missed this album the first time around! THE NORTHQUAKES are another great Finnish band, lead by vocals from Elisa Moonstomp this 2019 album has two distinct sides: downtempo vintage reggae and Style Council influenced cappuccino soul. A great relaxing listen from start to business.

Restocked! STOP THE PRESSES “Money In The Bank” LP – their debut album!

New York’s STOP THE PRESSES have been hard at work becoming one of today’s top traditional ska rocksteady acts, touring across the USA and wowing crowds at Supernova Ska Festival in 2021! This self released debut is a classic was engineered and mixed by Agent Jay and features a guest appearance by Dave Hillard of The Slackers. Includes the live fan favorite cover of OINGO BOINGO’s “DEAD MAN’S PARTY” too! Gold vinyl.

Restocked! MAN-LIKE-DEVIN “Wheel & Shoulder” LP / CD – Acoustic Ska Rocksteady & Reggae

Devin Morrison aka Man-Like-Devin is a songwriter, guitarist and collector of Jamaican music born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. In 1999 he co-founded Los Angeles roots-reggae group The Expanders. They spent the next decade playing in and around the L.A. area as part of the city’s then-thriving ska, rocksteady and early reggae scene. During that time they also performed throughout California as the backing band for many of their Jamaican musical heroes including Alton Ellis, Leonard Dillon of The Ethiopians, The Wailing Souls, The Maytones, Pat Kelly, Roy Shirley, Stranger Cole, Prince Jazzbo, Willi Williams, The Cables, and Winston Jarrett. The Expanders released four studio albums from 2011-2018, the latter two of which debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart. In 2018 Morrison and The Expanders parted ways on friendly terms, he began writing a solo acoustic record and teamed up with long-time friend Roger Rivas (The Aggrolites, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Jason Mraz) to record it. Man-Like-Devin’s first acoustic solo record Wheel And Shoulder: Acoustic Reggae, Rocksteady & Ska Vol I was recorded at Rivas Studios and Man-Like Studios from October 2019 to October 2020 and was be released on the Rootfire Cooperative label. The full-length LP is a completely acoustic album with no electric instruments that features Morrison’s GRAMMY-nominated brother Patrick Morrison on upright bass, banjo and lead acoustic guitars, Devin’s father Tom Morrison on harmonica, and The California Honeydrops. Beautiful ska & reggae with a Jamaican mento lean, we released the cassette version and CD in late 2021, and we are now are proud to carry the vinyl in the webshop!