Restocked! THE TENNORS “Reggae Girl” LP / “Another Scorcher” LP restocked! 180g pressing

The Tennors were a Jamaican rocksteady and reggae vocal group in the 1960s and ’70s. “Reggae Girl” simply put is a killer Boss Reggae album originally released in 1968, featuring The Tennors, The Harmonians, Roman Stewart, Jonny Moore & Karl Bryan, Eric Monty Morris,  Tommy McCook, Charlie Organaire, Kingstonians, and more. This limited reissue is on 180g features 4 extra bonus tracks just on the vinyl version. We’ve finally got in the second volume of this series back in stock!  “Another Scorcher” continues the tradition of one of the most important reggae acts of all time! Continue reading Restocked! THE TENNORS “Reggae Girl” LP / “Another Scorcher” LP restocked! 180g pressing

TOASTERS imports! “Thrill Me Up” LP (1989) / “Live At CBGB’s” (2002) LP vinyl / “Frankenska” (1989) LP vinyl

BLACK BUTCHER Germany loves THE TOASTERS! One of my faves to this day is their 1989 classic “THRILL ME UP”, originally released on Skaloid. That was the heyday of singers Sean ‘Cavo’ Dinsmore and Lionel ‘Nene’ Bernard, who became so popular from this album that they got signed to a major label as the UNITY 2. Not only is that back on wax, but also the legendary last CBGB’s set from THE TOASTERS in 2002, originally released my MVD Audio in 2015 and immediately went out of print! A great set captured professionally during the final weeks of the NYC club’s existence:  Shocker! / I’m Running Right Through The World / Shebeen / Sitting On Top Of The World / Modern World America / Mona / Can I Get Another? / Run Rudy Run / 2tone Army / Social Security. We’ve also restocked the the first ever LIVE album recorded in 1989 in London, featuring the first every appearance of COOLIE RANX on vocals, who was a temporary fill in due to the sudden departure of THRILL ME UP era singer CAVO and NENE (aka UNITY 2). Little did we know COOLIE would come back a few years later permanently. Originally issued on UNICORN records thanks to MAD BUTCHER Germany a whole new generation of ska fans gets to hear this classic on vinyl 30 years later. Limited to 500 copies. Read all about this great release at the DUFF GUIDE TO SKA.  Tracklisting:  A1 Matt Davis  A2 Weekend In L.A.  A3 Go Girl  A4 Run Rudy Run  A5 Thrill Me Up  B1 Don’t Blame Me  B2 One-Track Mind  B3 Ska Killers  B4 East Side Beat  B5 Pool Shark

Mad Butcher Imports: GEIER STURZFLUG “Trotzdem” LP / THE BRACES “Ska Got Soul” LP

Founded in 1979 and blending German New Wave with ska, GEIER STURZFLUG scored a major hit in 1983 in several European countries with the song “BRUTTOSOZIALPRODUKT”. The brand new 2023 album “TROTZDEM” includes a re-recorded version of this catchy song!  THE BRACES were one of the top bands that came out of the late 80s / early 90s European ska explosion, their debut album “Prime Cut” (1989) is still one of our fave albums of all time! In 2002 the band reunited in the studio for the first time in 12 years, and it was one of our top sellers on CD then! Now it’s 20 years later and this classic is now on vinyl!!

Radiation Reissues from Italy! Roots Reggae from the 70s & 80s!

Radiation Records Italy release TONS of classic Jamaican & UK ska / roots reggae, and for Record Store Day we have imported some of their most recent titles! Very limited stock act fast!

CAPITAL LETTERS “Reality” LP (UK band’s unreleased 1985 album including dubs and alternative mix of “Smoking My Ganja”)
JOHN HOLT “3000 Volts Of Holt” LP (1977 roots classic)
DELROY WILSON “Captivity” LP (1973 soulful roots reggae)
BIG JOE “At The Controls” LP (1978 natty roots reggae must have!)
JOHNNY CLARKE “Wondering” LP (1974 roots reggae classic produced by BUNNY LEE)
(SORRY, THE BURIAL has now sold out)

Chose any one for $25 shipped, or snag 3 LPs for $60 shipped! Send your choices to after making payment.


British 2-Tone ska punk band THE TALKS formed in 2006 and had the distinct honor of opening for The Specials on their 30th anniversary tour way back in 2009. Their albums are a smorgasbord of catchy tunes, well crafted engaging songs that fit extraordinarily well within the confines of ska’s structural boundaries. We’be restocked their classic album from 2015 released on Grover Records in Germany, a must for fans of Buster Shuffle, classic 2-Tone. and modern American third wave ska. Inspired by bands like The Clash, The Specials, and Redskins, Germany’s T-KILLAS released their debut album  in 2014 full of energetic 2-Tone ska mixed with a heavy dose of mod, garage, and punk. It’s fast, snotty and cheeky, with lots of guitar and organ as well as a dominant saxophone that brings to mind many of the European bands from the early 90’s ska explosion. Fans of Hellcat Records will also dig!  In 2020, after a 6 year wait, the second album “Awareness” was dropped on  Grover Records!  British traditional ska band INTENSIFIED released “Yard Shaker” in 1997, and to this day it stands as one of the best 60’s inspired Jamaican ska albums of the decade, on par with HEPCAT, The Articles, Scofflaws, etc. Listen to the cut “FAT CAT” from this album and the comparisons to HEPCAT jump out at ya! This limited white vinyl re-press with fold around sleeve won’t be around for long!!!!


LAS MELINAS  orchestra began in 2005 and quickly became one of Poland’s top traditional ska acts, delivering a big band ska reggae sound with a bit of swing. In 2020 the band self-released their third album entitled “Las Melinas” on CD, with a vinyl version on Jimmy Jazz Records. A must for fans of WESTERN STANDARD TIME, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA and of course the NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE! Limited edition color vinyl now available! PODWORKOWI CHULIGANI (Backyard Hooligans) second album titled “IT’S HARD” is finally available on vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Originally released on CD in 2002, this hard hitting album is a must for fans of streetpunk Oi! ska like THE SKOIDATS, INSPECTER 7 or SKIN DEEP.

TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS “The Fabulous Sounds of….” LP – Beautiful Brazilian ska/reggae vinyl debut!

SCREAMING RECORDS very first LP is a wicked 7 tracker from the young Brazilian act TYRONE TURTLE & THE STEADY ROCKERS! Not many are familiar with TYRONE TURTLE & TSR but that is soon about to change. The ambitious 6-piece, spearheaded by Argentina-born singer and key songwriter Diego Sanchez, spent the year of 2021 releasing six singles and establishing a name for themselves  worldwide!  Six very different tunes ranging from the storming, upbeat instrumental ska-track “Franco Nero” to the captivating love song “In Your Eyes”, to the happy go lucky “Drunk & Dancing” as well as the amazing Paul Anka-cover rendition of “Diana”.  All of  these singles plus the exclusive dub-version of “In Your Eyes” are on this debut vinyl release. “The Fabulous Sounds of …” is truly a traditional, authentic blend of ska and rocksteady, and reggae mixed with a variety of Brazilian styles and instruments; standout track is the beautiful “Minha” with its samba-infused feel and Brazilian instrumentation.  Songs are mixed by Roger Rivas (The Aggrolites) in Los Angeles and Jayson Nugent (The Slackers) in New York respectively – and Victor Rice has made the In Your Eyes dub-version entitled “In Your Dub” from his NYC studio. Limited to 300 copies, our allotment will surely go fast!


Top 2022 Import: THE VALKYRIANS “Monsterpiece” LP vinyl – Finnish Boss Reggae & 2-Tone Ska

STUPIDIO & GROVER Records proudly present the 5th album by Helsinki’s finest boss reggae / 2-Tone combo; ltd. edition of 250 copies on green vinyl! These Finnish rude boys celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2022 with an album that was featured on almost every top-10 list for modern traditional ska/reggae! Restocked due to high demand and the praise from our subscription club members!

DAILY RECORDS SPAIN Early 90’s Reissues: DR CALYPSO “Forever” Mini LP / KNOCKOUTS “Knockout Party” Mini LP

DAILY RECORDS Barcelona reissues two legendary early 90’s ska demo tapes on vinyl for the first time! DR CALYPSO “Forever” vinyl reissue of the historic first demo tape recorded in the summer of 1990 by the most extensive line-up Dr. Calypso has ever had (12 members). Two of the four songs that make up this demo appeared in the 1991 compilation “Latin Ska Fiesta” and were the starting shot of a musical career that spawned three decades. The other two songs (“Forever” & “Ruleta Russa”)  remained unreleased until now on vinyl. The artwork features early photos of the group and poster reproductions of their first concerts.  KNOCKOUTS “Knockouts Party” vinyl reissues of obscure demo tape originally issued in 1992 by the ska revival band from Barcelona featuring Skatalà, Dr. Calypso, Estat Precari and Frontpilsen members, features 4 stompin’ cuts heavily influenced by the likes of Madness, Bad Manners, Hotknives and early Dexys Midnight Runners. Includes lyrics insert with lots of previously unseen photos from rehearsals, gigs and photo sessions. File under scooterist sounds! Both vinyl issues are limited to 500 copies