Restocked! LAUREL AITKEN vs THE SKATALITES “Ska Titans” LP vinyl – 1999 Moon NYC classic on wax for the first time

First time on vinyl for this classic Moon Ska NYC title released in 1999 – “Ska Titans” is a wonderful collaboration between the “Godfather of Ska” Laurel Aitken and the legendary Skatalites recorded in the studio during 1996’s European Ska Splash tour – it was the first time the titans met up on record since 1964!  The album features original Skatalites Roland Alphonso, Lester Sterling, Lloyd Brevett, and Lloyd Knibb alongside longtime members Devon James, Will Clark, and Nathan Breedlove backing Aitken’s amazing vocals on a set of classics, including several Aitken originals. As an added bonus three live tracks are included, taken from the Ska Splash’s stop in Amsterdam. Continue reading Restocked! LAUREL AITKEN vs THE SKATALITES “Ska Titans” LP vinyl – 1999 Moon NYC classic on wax for the first time

Aggrobeat Imports: BOSS CAPONE & PATSY “Kings & Queen” LP / FREEDOM SOUNDS 3xCD Box Set

Boss Capone is the alter ego of Boudewijn Van Trigt, core member, songwriter and producer of the Dutch early reggae band The Upsessions. With The Upsessions he released five full lengths including an album with reggae legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Since 2005 The Upsessions toured all over Europe and South-America. After two solo albums under his moniker Boss Capone (2013 and 2015), it was time for a new project, this time together with Patsy. Patsy is the alter ego of Renske De Boer, who is the singer with ska group Mr Wallace and the only Dutch northern soul band The Originators. During the lockdown, the pair quietly worked on this album and the result is truly BOSS! A delicious blend of early reggae and rocksteady with a hint of foundation ska. The eleven tracks are a tribute to legendary Jamaican producers like Clancy Eccles, Derrick Harriott and Carl Johnson, specifically the years 1968-1971, an era when record labels like Pama and Trojan Records were king. But this record is so much more than a trip down memory lane. Through his extensive production work, Boss Capone knows how to make a record sound vintage yet modern, and Patsy’s powerful and dynamic voice pushes the record to greater heights. On this album the pair is musically accompanied by the skilled musicians from The Upsessions and saxophonist Tommy Tornado. Limited edition 180g black vinyl for real reggae heads, imported from Aggrobeat in the Netherlands.

Not to be outdone we’ve stocked this incredible 66 track 3xCD BOX set that celebrates 10 years of the FREEDOM SOUNDS festival in Germany. Loaded with so many exclusives it will make your head spin, check it out: Continue reading Aggrobeat Imports: BOSS CAPONE & PATSY “Kings & Queen” LP / FREEDOM SOUNDS 3xCD Box Set

New Imports: TOMMY TORNADO & THE CLERKS “Back On Track” LP / ARTHUR KAY & THE CLERKS “The Night I Came Home” LP

Tommy Tornado is a ska-reggae-jazz-swing-funk-soul saxophonist who,  after winning the Big Boss Jazz Award in 1997 at the age of 17, started touring with Dutch rocksteady/reggae formation Rude Rich and the Highnotes.

“Back On Track” is his 3rd solo album after “Sunrise” (2009) and “Cool Down” (2011), and on this new album Tommy plays Tenor and Barritone saxophone, Flute, Melodica and Fender Rhodes (keys) alongside German band THE CLERKS.  This 8 piece tour-de-force ska reggae collective started in 2000 and are heavily influenced by the ska and rocksteady of the late 1960s. This brilliant collaboration is full of sweet, hot Jamaican riddims, lush instrumentals that harken back to the Studio One backing bands who made all this music possible! Fans of DAVE HILLYARD & THE ROCKSTEADY 7 will LOVE this record. Includes a galloping ska vocal from the one and only KING DJANGO! These Dutch imports were hard to find for years, only available as a Kickstarter premium. We’ve also stocked “THE NIGHT I CAME HOME” album by The Clerks featuring the “Original South London Rude Boy” Arthur Kay, the unsung hero of 2-TONE.

Restocked! THE TENNORS “Reggae Girl” LP / “Another Scorcher” LP restocked! 180g pressing

The Tennors were a Jamaican rocksteady and reggae vocal group in the 1960s and ’70s. “Reggae Girl” simply put is a killer Boss Reggae album originally released in 1968, featuring The Tennors, The Harmonians, Roman Stewart, Jonny Moore & Karl Bryan, Eric Monty Morris,  Tommy McCook, Charlie Organaire, Kingstonians, and more. This limited reissue is on 180g features 4 extra bonus tracks just on the vinyl version. We’ve finally got in the second volume of this series back in stock!  “Another Scorcher” continues the tradition of one of the most important reggae acts of all time! Continue reading Restocked! THE TENNORS “Reggae Girl” LP / “Another Scorcher” LP restocked! 180g pressing

Mad Butcher Imports: GEIER STURZFLUG “Trotzdem” LP / THE BRACES “Ska Got Soul” LP

Founded in 1979 and blending German New Wave with ska, GEIER STURZFLUG scored a major hit in 1983 in several European countries with the song “BRUTTOSOZIALPRODUKT”. The brand new 2023 album “TROTZDEM” includes a re-recorded version of this catchy song!  THE BRACES were one of the top bands that came out of the late 80s / early 90s European ska explosion, their debut album “Prime Cut” (1989) is still one of our fave albums of all time! In 2002 the band reunited in the studio for the first time in 12 years, and it was one of our top sellers on CD then! Now it’s 20 years later and this classic is now on vinyl!!


British 2-Tone ska punk band THE TALKS formed in 2006 and had the distinct honor of opening for The Specials on their 30th anniversary tour way back in 2009. Their albums are a smorgasbord of catchy tunes, well crafted engaging songs that fit extraordinarily well within the confines of ska’s structural boundaries. We’be restocked their classic album from 2015 released on Grover Records in Germany, a must for fans of Buster Shuffle, classic 2-Tone. and modern American third wave ska. Inspired by bands like The Clash, The Specials, and Redskins, Germany’s T-KILLAS released their debut album  in 2014 full of energetic 2-Tone ska mixed with a heavy dose of mod, garage, and punk. It’s fast, snotty and cheeky, with lots of guitar and organ as well as a dominant saxophone that brings to mind many of the European bands from the early 90’s ska explosion. Fans of Hellcat Records will also dig!  In 2020, after a 6 year wait, the second album “Awareness” was dropped on  Grover Records!  British traditional ska band INTENSIFIED released “Yard Shaker” in 1997, and to this day it stands as one of the best 60’s inspired Jamaican ska albums of the decade, on par with HEPCAT, The Articles, Scofflaws, etc. Listen to the cut “FAT CAT” from this album and the comparisons to HEPCAT jump out at ya! This limited white vinyl re-press with fold around sleeve won’t be around for long!!!!


LAS MELINAS  orchestra began in 2005 and quickly became one of Poland’s top traditional ska acts, delivering a big band ska reggae sound with a bit of swing. In 2020 the band self-released their third album entitled “Las Melinas” on CD, with a vinyl version on Jimmy Jazz Records. A must for fans of WESTERN STANDARD TIME, TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA and of course the NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE! Limited edition color vinyl now available!

Top 2022 Import: THE VALKYRIANS “Monsterpiece” LP vinyl – Finnish Boss Reggae & 2-Tone Ska

STUPIDIO & GROVER Records proudly present the 5th album by Helsinki’s finest boss reggae / 2-Tone combo; ltd. edition of 250 copies on green vinyl! These Finnish rude boys celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2022 with an album that was featured on almost every top-10 list for modern traditional ska/reggae! Restocked due to high demand and the praise from our subscription club members!