Second album from Spanish ska / reggae / roots band that has a pure, powerful and contemporary Jamaican sound. After two years of intense work, The Dance Crashers release “Rawtown”,  a concept album divided into four chapters inspired by the lunar phases, in which the action takes place in the fictitious neighborhood of Rawtown. These four phases illustrate a cyclical process that goes from darkness to light, being darkness the reflection of individualism and light the symbol of the fullness of collective feeling. The storyline is musically shielded by a succession of songs, sung in English, in which the band goes through most of the styles of Jamaican music, ska, rocksteady, reggae, dub, dancehall… always in a justified way and firmly devoted to their own roots. Power female lead vocals and a tight rhythm section makes this new album a true delight!

Restocked! MAD BUTCHER 80s German Revival: SKAOS “Beware” & “Catch This Beat” LP

Three more great German reissues from MAD BUTCHER! First off is the debut and second album of bouncy 2-Tone rhythms from SKAOS! These stone cold classic originally were released in 1989 on PORK PIE Germany, but also appeared later on UNICORN UK. From the get go this album gets your feet moving much in the same way as others from the era: MR REVIEW, NO SPORTS, NAPOLEON SOLO immediately come to mind.  SKAOS was always compared to MADNESS back in the day, and I can still see that – this album does have a constant “ONE STEP BEYOND” feel to it with it’s hypnotic horns and tight keys. Oh my listening to this once again brings back some memories! Reissued in original German art.

Restock! MAROON TOWN “Freedom Call” LP

The latest import from BRIXTON RECORDS in Spain has arrived, the brand new album from UK ska legends MAROON TOWN, who were formed in the mid 80’s and created a fantastic sonic cocktail of Jamaican ska, Latin/World rhythms, hip hop vocals and modern acid jazz funky/soul styles. Maroon Town’s classic early material was featured on over 45 compilations, including releases on top European revival imprints Staccato, Unicorn, and Skank. One of our all all time favorite albums from that time was “HIGH AND DRY”, songs like “NOSTALGIA” and “POUND TO THE DOLLAR” are stone cold hip hop ska classics! That energy and feel is back in full force on this brand new album “FREEDOM CALL” – a must have for old and new fans alike!

Restocks! NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE “Step Forward” LP / “Minor Moods” LP

It’s hard to believe that we now have fifteen NYSJE albums to enjoy! Quite an accomplishment in today’s music world, and maybe even more impressive for a “modern” traditional ska band. Think back to the humble beginnings of Rocksteady Freddie when he left The Toasters to start this wonderful project in the 90s – for us it’s crazy to think that the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble was the first ska concert at the Chicago House of Blues! As always you can expect top notch jazzy arrangements of foundation Jamaican sounds, over the years the players have changed but the vibe and energy remain the same. Freddie Reiter will never steer you wrong! “MINOR MOODS” arrived in 2002 and is also a stunning example of jazz ska & reggae bliss, a mostly instrumental delight that rivals The Skatalites in the modern era!  Be it influenced by swing, boogie woogie, ragtime, big band….Rock Steady Freddie’s troop are still killing it year after year. “STEP FORWARD” was released in 2008 and features 12 tracks that are predominately originals but also includes DAVE BRUBECK and CHARLES MINGUS too!

Restocked: JAMESTOWN SHEIKS “Lennon & McCartney Reggae Style” LP reissue – The Beatles go Jamaican!

Black Butcher Germany has just reissued the 1970 stone cold party classic on vinyl for the first time – original UK copies have become rare in recent years and are fetching high prices. Most original copies are also worn out from constant play! Twelve BEATLES classics in an uptempo early/skinhead reggae style, vocals are reminiscent of Desmond Dekker too! The origin of this band is still a mystery! A must for fans of THE AGGROLITES, and SYMARIP ! Don’t delay a minute, this limited edition one time pressing will go fast!

Tracklisting:  Let It Be / Ticket To Ride / I Want To Hold Your Hand / Michelle / Can’t Buy Me Love / The Fool On The Hill / Get Back / Yesterday / Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da / Eleanor Rigby / All My Loving / Hey Jude


Black Friday 2022 Import: NEW YORK SKA JAZZ ENSEMBLE “In The Moment” LP / CD

The real kings of contemporary ska-jazz invite us to an exciting cocktail of Jamaican beats and jazz sounds. The band’s 15th studio album “IN THE MOMENT” is focused on the mantra to live in the present, since we do not know what the future will bring us. Something that we have all have thought about more than once in recent times! Since their inception in 1994 the New York Ska Jazz Ensemble has carried the torch lit by The Skatalites, adding a heavier dose of American jazz to create a groovy hybrid for the word to enjoy. If you were introduced to the band through their first three Moon Ska NYC albums, you won’t be disappointed with this brand new effort released on BRIXTON RECORDS SPAIN. Classic black vinyl and digipak CD available.

STOMP Records: K-MAN & THE 45s “Stand With the Youth” LP

K-Man & The 45s, where Ska meets Rock and Roll. This Canadian 5 piece band from downtown Montreal is as heavily influenced by old school ska as it is with classic rock n roll. With a fantastic horn section playing catchy melodic lines and blazing solos over an energetic rhythm section, they switch naturally from ska to rock and punk, with surf sounds often not far behind. They draw influences as much from 2 tone bands such as The Specials and The Beat as they do from The Ramones and The Cramps. “Stand With The Youth” features 12 tracks of high energy steady-rocking Ska punk gems.

HOTKNIVES FANS! We now carry GARY MARSHALL “The Awakening” LP vinyl!

All long time Jump Up mail order customers (or fans of our radio show in the 90’s) knows we have been massive fans of British band THE HOTKNIVES since the late 80s when we eagerly awaited for their new albums to be available at import shops (the internet didn’t exist!).  We’ve kept their reissues in stock for nearly 30 years, first on CD then now on vinyl from Mad Butcher and Grover. When we were offered the latest 2019 album from original lead singer GARY MARSHALL we jumped at the opportunity. The album is a mix of melancholy soulful 2-Tone grooves as you’d expect, but the album truly covers all sounds British including Style Council string laden cappuccino soul, groovy downtempo funk reggae to jangley guitar-led Brit pop. A sophisticated album for long time fans curious to follow Gary’s direction 25-30 years later!


EL BOSSO & DIE PING PONGS gained legendary status in the late 1980s for combining 2Tone ska with German lyrics. After the band’s break-up in the 1990s, their trombonist went international, Prof. Richie sen. became Dr. Ring Ding, and started out on an exceptional journey through sounds and styles! Then in the early 00’s the band did a series of well received reunion shows and talks of a comeback album began! “Hier Und Jetzt Oder Nie“ was the result in 2014 on the legendary PORK PIE imprint (RING OF FIRE vinyl edition), and features a dense collection of uplifting songs between Ska (from Jamaican to Third Wave), Punk and New Wave. Perfectly suited as the soundtrack for a wild party, or for a ride in the car after work. LOS PLACEBOS released “TIME OR ACTION” in 2015 on SUNNY BASTARDS Germany, bringing back that classic late 80s/early 90’s European ska explosion sound reminiscent of NO SPORTS, BRACES, NAPOLEON SOLO and more! Sung mostly in English but there’s a few in their native tongue tossed in! DIE TORNADOS “Young Guns Old Rockers” was released in 2014 on SUNNY BASTARDS and is simply a neo-traditional delight, full of hot Jamaican ska riddims, rocksteady grooves, jazzy horns, bubbly organ with soulful vocal harmonies galore. A few faster 2-TONE gems added to get the party going!

Grover Restocks: THE TENNORS “Reggae Girl” LP / “Another Scorcher” LP restocked! 180g pressings with free CD!

The Tennors were a Jamaican rocksteady and reggae vocal group in the 1960s and ’70s. “Reggae Girl” simply put is a killer Boss Reggae album originally released in 1968, featuring The Tennors, The Harmonians, Roman Stewart, Jonny Moore & Karl Bryan, Eric Monty Morris,  Tommy McCook, Charlie Organaire, Kingstonians, and more. This limited reissue is on 180g features 4 extra bonus tracks just on the vinyl version.  Continue reading Grover Restocks: THE TENNORS “Reggae Girl” LP / “Another Scorcher” LP restocked! 180g pressings with free CD!