PEACOCKS – “In Without Knocking” CD/LP – (JUMP022 – OUT OF PRINT)

The Peacocks are Switzerland’s most notorious rockabilly/ska band, whose explosive shows have got them opening slots with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Citizen Fish, Mu330, Toasters, Slackers and many more. Formed 7 years ago, this energetic trio plays a mixed style of fast, swinging Punk songs with catchy sing-along refrains, cool Rockabilly-rhythms and sprinkled ska beats: never too hard, but unbelievably fast & full of energy. The band toured America in 1997 with a arts grant from the Swiss government, and will be returning to the States this coming summer. Appearances on Jump Up’s  “Smash Your Radio!” compilation and Asian Man’s “Misfits of Ska 2” have introduced the band’s unique sound to over 30,000 adoring fans.

For Fans of: Stray Cats, Hi Fi & The Roadburners, Amazing Royal Crowns, Reverend Horton Heat

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THE STAND – “Point of View” CD – (JUMP021)

Chicago’s The Stand! formed three years ago under the name Racecar, hitting the midwest ska/punk scene hard including high profile shows at The Metro, House of Blues, and the legendary Fireside Bowl. Their pop boy/girl vocal harmonies made them quick favorites, and their appearance on Jump Up’s “Everything Off-Beat 2” CD brought their music to nealry 5000 new fans worldwide. A few years Continue reading THE STAND – “Point of View” CD – (JUMP021)

FIRST GRADE CRUSH – “It’s Not You, It’s Me” CD – (JUMP020 – OUT OF PRINT)

First Grade Crush was started under the name The Skallops in early 1995, and have since then turned into a significant Chicago-area ska-punk force by adding a full horn section and theramin, the experimental sound-manipulating device made famous by early electronica pioneers. These additions have created an exciting new musical style, powerful rock influenced by hyper ska, hardcore, emo, indie, & punk. Their extensive touring has included shows at Chicago’s House of Blues and Metro with Continue reading FIRST GRADE CRUSH – “It’s Not You, It’s Me” CD – (JUMP020 – OUT OF PRINT)


Chicago is known for developing the New Sound of ska-punk, but ’99 sees an exciting new band dash out of the 3rd largest city of America! Runforyerlife inject a warm, wholesome spirit into ska music: Carribean rhythms, groovy acid-jazz breaks, piercing horn lines, infections off-beats, and powerful girl pop-vocals. Affirming, positive messages about relationships, empowerment of women, religion, growing-up and interpersonal conflict, this debut album is a direct reaction to the aggressive Continue reading RUNFORYERLIFE – Self-Titled CD – (JUMP019 – OUT OF PRINT)

SKAPONE – “Bold New Flavor” CD – (JUMP017 – OUT OF PRINT)

If you count it’s earlier incarnation as STATE OF EMERGENCY, this Chicago ska outfit has been around for at least a decade, minding its own business even as ska became a youth cult and a commercial powerhouse on modern rock radio. Often tagged as “traditionalists”, tending the flame lit in Jamaica in the 60’s and fanned by English 2-TONE in the late 70’s, this new album is an irreverent mix of ska, R&B, punk, rap, and the kitchen sink. For example, ‘So Bad” begins with a delerious rap, syncopated Continue reading SKAPONE – “Bold New Flavor” CD – (JUMP017 – OUT OF PRINT)

TELEGRAPH – “Quit Your Band” CD EP – (JUMP016)

After spending their first three years under the moniker The Skolars, the band changed it name in 1997 to “Telegraph” for a number of reasons. For one, the use of “ska” in band names was a bit tired, and the band wanted to convey that this was a new era, a new unit, with a sharper writing flair that doesn’t always incorporate ska. Their first album was re-released under the new name, and to date this record has sold just over 10,000 units. Compilation appearances on Asian Man’s Misfits of Ska 2 Continue reading TELEGRAPH – “Quit Your Band” CD EP – (JUMP016)

DEAL’S GONE BAD – “Large & In Charge” CD – (JUMP015 – OUT OF PRINT)

You’ve heard of Inspector 7 (Radical) and The Skoidats (Moon NYC), now step aside for this Chicago 8 piece! It’s been quite some time since skinheads across the world have had a record to be proud of….sure, there have been skinhead ska bands, but none that captures the true sound of Jamaica like Deal’s Gone Bad. Full of classic Leslie Kong style chuggin’ reggae riddims & soulful 60’s ska, this Continue reading DEAL’S GONE BAD – “Large & In Charge” CD – (JUMP015 – OUT OF PRINT)

THE ADJUSTERS – “Politics of Style” CD – (JUMP014 – OUT OF PRINT)

From tight ska instrumentals to gritty soul stompers, Chicago’s ADJUSTERS keep the backbeat steady and the rafters rockin’! On this debut long-play record, you will hear all the important influences…you’ll know exactly what these cats have grown up listening to: ska, reggae, soul, anything that grooves! It’s called “Crucial Rhythm & Blues” and its all THEIR sound. If you’ve ever experienced this ten-piece live, you know exactly what to expect: raw energy, fierce arrangements, and attitude to burn! The Adjusters have come a long way in a very short amount of time, from the Continue reading THE ADJUSTERS – “Politics of Style” CD – (JUMP014 – OUT OF PRINT)

GANGSTER FUN – “Pure Sound, Pure Hogwash, Pure Amphetamines” CD – (JUMP013)

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Midwest ska was best represented by one band: Gangster Fun.
They commanded legendary status, influencing every ska band that came from Detroit: The Exceptions, Telegraph, Parka Kings, Suicide Machines, Articles… name it! They all sweated their asses off to the hypnotic sounds of G-Fun. They were the only Midwest ska band on the infamous MASHIN” UP THE NATION comp, plus their first album “Come See, Come Ska'” was released on Roddy Continue reading GANGSTER FUN – “Pure Sound, Pure Hogwash, Pure Amphetamines” CD – (JUMP013)