SKA BOOM! promotional mix CD tracklist to be announced soon!

Did you pre-order Marc Wasserman’s book on 80’s American ska and get the cool mix CD we curated? Has not knowing the track listing driven you bonkers? No worries we will tell you all the songs here tomorrow! And if you didn’t get a CD with your book (because you missed the pre-order deadline) you can still get one by placing a mail order with us and asking nicely for a free CD! We saved a stash here in Chicago just to hook up Jump Up stragglers!

Summer CD SALE! IMPORTS! Includes a SKA BOOM 80’s MIX CD

It’s been AGES since we did a CD sale! People keep asking but we just never get a spare moment to put something together UNTIL NOW! Fans have been asking if they can still get a copy of the promotional mix CD we included with the SKA BOOM! book pre-orders – and what better way of doing so than to include it with our first CD sale in over 2 years! The old wooden box we used to bring out to shows isn’t as full as it used to be, but we do have great stock as we do keep adding to it –  2 CDs for $15 –  4 CDs for $25 – 10 CDs for $50 – shipping in USA included of course! Please make payment first then send selections from below list to – many titles are limited to 1-2 copies so act fast and include alternates.  Continue reading Summer CD SALE! IMPORTS! Includes a SKA BOOM 80’s MIX CD

RESTOCK! Jamaican Reggae Legends on vinyl: RICO RODRIGUEZ / WINSTON FRANCIS

We thought it would be fun to get some of these Grover Germany classics back in stock for the holiday season! RICO RODRIGUEZ sadly left us a few years ago, but his legacy of big trombone anthems lives on with “GET UP YOUR FOOT”, twelve amazing ska & reggae tracks released in 2000 with his top notch band! This was one of his last studio albums as he became quite busy as a part of JOOLS HOLLAND’s band! WINSTON FRANCIS is a soul ska/reggae legend, his voice is MAGIC. A STUDIO ONE veteran we had the pleasure of booking here in Chicago in 2014. That same year “MR FIX IT” released a new album backed by RUDE RICH & THE HIGHNOTES full of classics redone is true vintage style. Such a great set on clear vinyl:

A1 A Little More Oil in My Lamp  A2 Dancing Mood  A3 Love I Can Feel  A4 Only A Smile  A5 Your No Good  A6 Love Me Forever  A7 Breaking Up  A8 Love And Affection  B1 My Number One  B2 My Jamaican Girl  B3 Sukiyaki  B4 On The Beach  B5 Guilty  B6 Turn Your Lamp Down Low  B7 Never Love Again  B8 Girl I Got a Date  B9 A Little More Oil (Binghi Version)


Read First! FREE STUFF! Puzzles! Celebrate RECORD STORE DAY Drop #2 in SKA STYLE!

We’re back for the second round of Record Store Day 2021!  The first two titles in June went gangbusters!  We are so happy people are discovering the long lost BASHAKA album from THE SKATALITES, plus finding new and old fans of Chicago’s frist reggae band SKANKING LIZARD has been so incredibly rewarding.  And how about that J-ROOTS Jamaican timeline poster by ? We’re still giving those out in orders so hook up a friend if you get another!

RSD July is heating up with two incredible albums from American ska legends who built the foundation for the third wave.  USA USA!  BIM SKALA BIM have a brand new album “SONIC TONIC” –  we have the exclusive red vinyl version limited to 250 copies. Not to be outdone we  jumped into the MOON SKA time machine to reissue THE SCOFFLAWS 1991 debut on vinyl for the first time – it’s a 30th anniversary edition on both yellow and blue vinyl, each limited to 175 copies! If you buy both new RSD titles we will include a SKABOOM AMERICA 85 slipmat and metallic chrome stickers FREE FREE FREE! ! What’s with the 85 you ask?  Here’s the truth:  SKA BROKE IN AMERICA in 1985, not the 90s! It was already a popular sound all across America with regional “alternative” college rock bands – this phenomenon is explored in the upcoming book SKABOOM! by Marc Wasserman ( which we curated a rare private press bonus CD!  USA USA! We also have a very limited amount of SKABOOM AMERICA 85 glow in the dark slip mats for purchase!

WE MADE A PUZZLE of the J-ROOTS Jamaican Music Timeline!!! It’s 16″ x 20″ and 221 pieces – not only is this a fun challenge for any puzzle fan but it’s a GREAT educational tool. Wanna teach your kids the rich history of the music you love? Sit down and do this puzzle with them – we guarantee all the musical pieces will start to connect!  Add the puzzle to any RSD LP order for only $15 from the cart below,  $25 if shipped on it’s own. Limited to 50 act quick!

Record Store Day 2021: BIM SKALA BIM “Sonic Tonic” LP vinyl – Boston’s Legends are back!

Bim Skala Bim’s “Boston Blue Beat” is a mix of upbeat 2 tone ska, alt-rock, calypso and reggae, the key to their signature sound is an unchanged line up since formation in 1986. Their brand new album “SONIC TONIC” is a true return to the form, proving once again why they were one of America’s premier bands who kickstarted ska’s third wave in the 1990s. “Sonic Tonic” contains nine new songs with special guest appearances by Dave Hillyard (The Slackers), Chris Rhodes (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones), Nick Welsh (aka King Hammond), Ken Stewart (The Skatalites), and Steve Cracknell (The Dub Pistols). “Sonic Tonic” contemplate life and the human condition, the album’s themes include multiculturalism (Gumbo), illicit drinking (Lighting), personal wellbeing (The Loon), age (Go Back), and travel (Cuz A U). JUMP UP is once again proudly working alongside The Specialized Project to release a vinyl edition, helping support their fund raising for teen cancer and mental health charities. If you’re visually inclined music videos have been made for every song on the album! Red vinyl limited to 300 copies and has been released to celebrate Record Store Day’s July date.

Bim Skala Bim is:
Dan Vitale – Vocals Vinny Nobile – Trombone Mark Ferranti – Bass Jim Arhelger – Drums
Jim Jones – Guitars, Vocals Rick Barry – Percussion Dave Butts – Sax, Keyboards
John Cameron – Keyboards John Ferry – Trombone


RANDALE imports: ROUGH KUTZ “Best of” LP – British 2-Tone Skinhead legends + MARK FOGGO “Haircut” LP vinyl

The Rough Kutz where formed by Hazza (Hammond organ), Brigga (vocals) and Rat (guitar) in 1993 in Stoke-on-Trent, England. their first studio album, A Bit O’ Rough was released in 1998 on Mark Foggo’s label Skanky ‘Lil Records. After this release the band began touring Europe. They released second album Welcome to our World in 2002 and, in 2006, followed with Another Week Another War. On this album Roddy Radiation from The Specials played guest lead guitar. In 2010 they released their fourth album Gangsters Playground on RK records and in 2012 the Rough Kutz recorded a version of The Specials song “Rude Boys Outa Jail” for the Specialized charity and began contributing to their collections ever since.  This 2017 Best of collection from German label Randale is a new modern classic featuring their catchiest 2-Tone working class skinhead anthems from the past 25 years! ROUGH KUTZ were one of our top sellers back in the CD days, we are so proud to have this collection! Not to be outdone we have another Skanky Lil classic on vinyl from the 2-Tone legend himself……MARK FOGGO! This 1995 classic was finally issued on vinyl in 2018 by Randale Records in Germany and is finally available in the USA! Manic 2 tone is the order of the day!

Tracklist:  A1 Hurricane  A2 Haircut  A3 Bra And Panties  A4 American À Paris  A5 Ska In A Bar  A6 Sore Finger
B1 Big Big Mouth  B2 Spaceman Stuff  B3 Not Scott  B4 Lipso Dipso  B5 Married A Monkey


Limited edition cassettes to play on that old skool boombox! THE PRIZEFIGHTERS “Get Ready” TAPE is a collection of rarities, demos, out takes, and live recordings previously buried deep in the vaults!  GREEN ROOM ROCKERS “Parkway Sessions” TAPE was recorded “live in studio” and features all your favorites plus covers you hear them do live! Finally, we can’t believe the 2001 album “ACTION CLAW vs GORILLA SUIT” from Detroit ska jazzers is finally seeing light of day! Produced by JOE FERRY and shelved when the band went on a permanent hiatus, this tape is a must have for fans of their lone Moon Ska classic “Flip F’ Real”.  All tapes are super limited and a a great bargain. With so many new tape decks and tape boomboxes once again available in shops there’s no excuse not to rock tapes in 2021 – we have released over 50 to date!

GREEN ROOM ROCKERS “Sweat Steady” LP / CD / Tape – 90’s R&B bamgers inna Jamaican stylee!

This project has been a bit of a holy grail for years. Did it exist? Could such an amazing concept album really happen? Just when you thought it was all bogus, the band would sneak a track or two in a live set and rumors would begin all over again. Shared live fan videos of GRR performing “PONY” and “NO DIGGITY” in 2017 got everyone talking again….then it happened. An official announcement on the Cassette Store Day website. It firs appeared as “Knockin’ Roots”, but then it’s official name was unleashed “SWEAT STEADY”. Eight tracks that immediately bring a smile to your face, and a mad dash to the packed dancefloor with the exclamation “that’s my jam!”  Damn straight it’s your jam, this album is all that and a bag of chips son! Amazing ska/reggae versions of Lauren Hill “Doo Wop”, Ginuwune “Pony”, Blackstreet “No Diggity”, R. Kelly “I Believe I Can Fly”, KC & JoJo “All My Life”, Aaliyah “Are You That Somebody”, Boys II Men “I’ll Make Love To You” and Montell Jordan “This Is How We Do It”. You gotta hear it to believe it! Visually. we put this on green vinyl (of course!) and have designed it to look like a 1990’s major-label DJ promo-only LP (you know, back when everyone said vinyl was dying). LP limited to 300 copies. “Mixtape style” slimline CD limited to 150 copies.  Continue reading GREEN ROOM ROCKERS “Sweat Steady” LP / CD / Tape – 90’s R&B bamgers inna Jamaican stylee!


BLUES ATTACK now OUT OF PRINT.  It’s been many years since we last had RODDY RADIATION’s excellent collection of pre-SPECIALS nuggets, but it’s worth the wait as we now have copies on 180g RED VINYL! An amazing selection that incudes some of our favorite Tearjerkers material as well! Fans of THE SPECIALS and roots rockabilly must get this!  Also we have the LAST COPIES in Hand SCREEN PRINTED SLEEVES of “BLUES ATTACK” ! Far too often when a band claims to combine two dissimilar styles of music into an all powerful “new” hybrid, fans get a wee bit skeptical. After all, in most cases these creative endeavors fail miserably – and quite often it involves ska music. Simply put, this stereotype does not apply to the SKABILLY REBELS. RODDY RADIATION’s band successfully takes the best parts of rockabilly, minus the cheesiness that all too often is associated with the genre, and then puts it to a laid back traditional ska beat. Should we expect anything less? Of course you already know him as the legendary guitarist of The Specials (who also wrote their classics ‘Rat Race’, ‘Concrete Jungle’ & ‘Hey Little Rich Girl’), who also later formed blues influenced acts The Bonediggers and The Tearjerkers. He’s a veteran and true innovator of both the 2-TONE ska movement and the English rockabilly revival scene. Roddy’s  voice is smooth and melodic, yet with pub grit. The fact that his guitar playing is superb goes without saying, but his ability to seamlessly combine both ska and rockabilly without losing the integrity of either genre is downright amazing.  Roddy Radiation has proven again that he is a truly innovative musician and may be in the process of once again reinventing the face of ska music. Guess this album forces rude boy mods and skins to mix with rockers and teddy boys. What can’t we all just get along? Continue reading RODDY RADIATION “SKABILLY REBEL ANTHOLOGY” LP (RED VINYL IMPORTS) / “BLUES ATTACK” LP (JUMP095LP – OUT OF PRINT)

Black Friday: SPY KIDS “Covert Action” LP / CD – 30 years later Cali 2-Tone pioneers record debut album!

Spy Kids were formed in 1990 in San Diego, California by like-minded souls who shared a love of Jamaican music and ska. The band drew its influences from a wide range of artists such as Bad Manners, The Upsetters, local San Diego bands The Donkey Show, Color Blind and Gangbusters, and contemporary California ska bands Let’s Go Bowling, Hepcat and The Specs, among others. After cutting their teeth playing local scooter club parties and ska shows around southern California, Spy Kids went into the studio to record a four-song self-titled demo tape. The pinnacle of the band’s whirlwind existence came shortly after, as they earned a supporting slot opening for UK ska legends The Selecter in Riverside California. By the middle of 1991, Spy Kids gradually came to an end as various members went on to join up with acts such as Flogging Molly, Unwritten Law, Buck-O-Nine, Unsteady and Pivit. Matt Hensley and Jason Bowen were also part of the early lineup of Chicago ska stalwarts Deal’s Gone Bad. Spy Kids last live performance was playing alongside the newly formed Buck-O-Nine at a wild party in Vista, CA which was broken up when the police threatened to send in a helicopter; perhaps a fitting end to the band’s short-lived yet frenetic initial incarnation. Fast-forward to a scooter ride in 2018 which brought several of the original members together; and discussion about re-recording the original songs sparked the process of getting the Spy Kids back together and into the studio. In February 2020, thirty years later, the band recorded the “Covert Action” album, consisting of five songs from its initial incarnation, the brand new reggae-influenced “Wrong Number”, plus versions of Jimmy Cliff’s “Harder They Come” and Prince Buster’s “Judge Dread”, featuring skateboard legend Ron Allen on vocals. White and red vinyl both limited to 150 copies! Comes with a “90s style fanzine” and sticker set!