New Imports: TOMMY TORNADO & THE CLERKS “Back On Track” LP / ARTHUR KAY & THE CLERKS “The Night I Came Home” LP

Tommy Tornado is a ska-reggae-jazz-swing-funk-soul saxophonist who,  after winning the Big Boss Jazz Award in 1997 at the age of 17, started touring with Dutch rocksteady/reggae formation Rude Rich and the Highnotes.

“Back On Track” is his 3rd solo album after “Sunrise” (2009) and “Cool Down” (2011), and on this new album Tommy plays Tenor and Barritone saxophone, Flute, Melodica and Fender Rhodes (keys) alongside German band THE CLERKS.  This 8 piece tour-de-force ska reggae collective started in 2000 and are heavily influenced by the ska and rocksteady of the late 1960s. This brilliant collaboration is full of sweet, hot Jamaican riddims, lush instrumentals that harken back to the Studio One backing bands who made all this music possible! Fans of DAVE HILLYARD & THE ROCKSTEADY 7 will LOVE this record. Includes a galloping ska vocal from the one and only KING DJANGO! These Dutch imports were hard to find for years, only available as a Kickstarter premium. We’ve also stocked “THE NIGHT I CAME HOME” album by The Clerks featuring the “Original South London Rude Boy” Arthur Kay, the unsung hero of 2-TONE.

Tommy Tornado
and the Clerks
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