PRESSURE DRIP sampler CASSETTE! Limited edition 200 (SOLD OUT)

JUMP UP RECORDS participated in CASSETTE STORE DAY this year with our PRESSURE DRIP sampler released on C90 chrome! Thanks to DARK MATTER coffee for working with us on this project! This was JUMP UP’s first cassette in nearly 17 years, our last one was a freebie Warped Tour sampler that got tossed when the BOSSTONES played! Remember you can get a FREE CASSETTE (or CD) when you buy our COFFEE!!  PRESSURE-DRIP-OK-NAC_4-Panel_Jcard_BACK_Template_forPS_040313-page-001

cassette-store-dayHere’s a list of shops that have ordered PRESSURE DRIP cassettes! Support your local indie shop! They may still have copies left so make sure you check them out first!

Park Ave (Orlando FL) – Independent (Colorado Springs, CO)
Daddy Kool (St Petersburg FL) – Radio Active (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Indy CD & Vinyl (Indianapolis IN) – Skullyz (New Orleans LA)
Mills (Kansas City MO) – Josey (Kansas City, MO) – Homers (Omaha NE)
 Drastic Plastic (Omaha NE) – Music Record Shop (St Louis, MO)
 Music Millennium (Portland, OR) – End Of An Ear (Austin TX)
Disc Go Round (Corpus Christi TX) – Waterloo (Austin TX)
Josey Records (Dallas TX) – Sonic Boom (Seattle WA)
Bric A Brac (Chicago IL) – Planet Of Sound (Chicago, IL)
Burger Records (Fullerton CA) – Boho Zone (Lancaster PA)
Wuxtry (Athens GA) – Analog Revolution (Marrietta GA)
Innersleeve (Amagansett, NY) – Grimey’s (Nashville TN)
Jet Set Records (Kyoto Japan) – Juno Records, UK


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