CASSETTE WEEK 2023 is October 15-21! We have six tapes!

We’re back for a new Cassette Week! This year our SIX new releases are available exclusively here AND at Tapehead City, all very limited so don’t delay if you RESPECT THE TAPE! This year we have released for the first time on cassette classics from THE SCOFFLAWS & THE PIETASTERS, our latest Jump Up label sampler and the all 80’s Rude Girls mix (originally as a bonus CD with the Rude Girls book), plus latest albums by EASTERN STANDARD TIME and THE PRIZEFIGHTERS! Get more tapes and save! After making your purchase below send your choices to

2024 Cassette Week Releases:

THE PIETASTERS “All Day”  /  EASTERN STANDARD TIME “Clockwork” /  THE PRIZEFIGHTERS “Punch Up” / THE SCOFFLAWS “Ska In Hi Fi” /  Various “Real Ska For People Who Feel Ska”  /  Various “Rude Girls 80s Mixtape”


Cassette Week
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1One Tape$10.000.25 lbs
2Three Tapes (Save $5)$25.000.75 lbs
3All Six Tapes (Save $20)$40.001.50 lbs
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