DEAL’S GONE BAD – “Large & In Charge” CD – (JUMP015 – OUT OF PRINT)

You’ve heard of Inspector 7 (Radical) and The Skoidats (Moon NYC), now step aside for this Chicago 8 piece! It’s been quite some time since skinheads across the world have had a record to be proud of….sure, there have been skinhead ska bands, but none that captures the true sound of Jamaica like Deal’s Gone Bad. Full of classic Leslie Kong style chuggin’ reggae riddims & soulful 60’s ska, this band is determined to create a wild, good time pub atmosphere at all costs! With a sound that’s very similar to early Pietasters material, plus being featured on “Return of American Skathic” and ‘Ska American Style”, this band has quickly commanded international interest through the skin subculture, and locally has opened for top acts like The Skatalites, Jump With Joey, and Eeek-a-Mouse. These 15 songs take you out on the open seas, drinking, pirating, fighting, and gambling, paying homage to Judge Dread, Prince Buster, Laurel Aitken, Lloyd Price, Louis Prima, The Pogues and Skatalites all at once. Crucial old skool ska, reggae soul, and a touch of swing for today’s Clockwork Nation, Oi! You don’t have to be a skinhead to want this record, just a fan of great traditional Jamaican ska!

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1. “The Elephants” (’98 Version)
2. “Pirates”
3. “Nothing Else”
4. “Wanting You”
5. “Curse Of The Cur”
6. “Leaving Town”
7. “Dollar Down”
8. “Mad at the World”
9. “Mini-Thins”
10. “Good Times”
11. “Deal’s Gone Bad”
12. “Someone For Now”
13. “Dirty Old Town”

Deals Gone Bad "Large & In Charge"
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