DOCTOR MANETTE – “The Same Thing Over and Over” CD – (JUMP026) (OUT OF PRINT)

Doctor Manette has been making creative pop/ska/rock music for more than 4 years now. From their critically acclaimed appearances on numerous compilations and their previously self-released tapes and seven inches, this Chicago based quintet has created a name to be contended with among connoisseurs of underground music. This, their debut album, is a roller coaster ride of genre jumping pop gems from start to finish. Picking up where its contemporaries MU330, Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, and The Impossibles left off, Doctor Manette puts together a collection of well written songs that simply rock hard and have melodic hooks catchy enough to make even the boys from Weezer proud. Twelve diverse tracks comprised of intelligent lyrics, dense horn arrangements, well delivered melodies, textured harmonies, and a hard driving rhythm section… Dr Manette delivers a fresh and appealing mix that is destined to become classic in the punk/ska scene.

For Fans of: Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake, The Impossibles, The Eclectics, MU330,

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Doctor Manette "The Same Thing Over and Over"
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