THE DOWNSETTERS “Chainsaw Lullabies” LP vinyl – Modern British 2-Tone with an edge!

One of today’s most beloved British ska bands finally gets their latest album on vinyl – limited edition yellow from Grover Records! THE DOWNSETTERS are top shelf modern 2-TONE, and “CHAINSAW LULLABIES” is arguably their best release to date. Capturing the feel of THE SPECIALS but without ripping the sound off – trombone and keys lead the way with good ol’ RODDY RADIATION influenced guitar riffs. THE DOWNSETTERS take a piece from today’s ska-punk pie, with modern chant heavy vocal breaks, occasional distortion and visits to ska-punk Hellcat related rhythms, along with “fake” radio intermissions. All in all THE DOWNSETTERS create an excellent sound for modern times with an homage to their British 2-Tone roots. A record for all fans of great ska, whether your “old” and lived through the 80s, or “young” and got hooked on ska from 90’s punky bands. This is the vinyl release we have been waiting for since it dropped in 2020!

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