Black Friday Book Club: DUFF GUIDE TO 2-TONE by Stephen Shafer

 One of our most beloved and trusted sources for ska news is the The Duff Guide to Ska  blog! The man behind the Duff Man glasses is Steve Shafer, a NYC ska mover and shaker for 3 decades –  who many knew best while he ran the promotions department at MOON SKA NYC in the 90’s.  Many say Steve’s own story would make a great book, but instead The Duff Guide to 2 Tone is a  a 250+ page collection of 2 Tone-related pieces from his blog. Included are 70+ reviews of releases, but the book’s real purpose is to show how the 2 Tone sound and—more importantly its ideals—carry on today. You get reviews of re-issues of essential 2 Tone albums from THE SPECIALS & SPECIAL AKA, THE SELECTER, THE BEAT, MADNESS, THE BODYSNATCHERS and BAD MANNERS, as well as write-ups of their more recent records, gigs, books and movies – which no self-respecting fan of 2 Tone should miss! Forward by GAZ MAYALL. The perfect paperback for the record room now available from Jump Up at a LOW LOW price! Add one to a record order today!  We are even going to toss in a bonus 80s ska MIX CD!

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