EXCEPTIONS – “Five Finger Discount” CD – (JUMP008 – OUT OF PRINT)

After appearances on top U.S. ska comps “American Skathic”, “American Skathic 2”, and “Misfits of Ska” plus their well-received debut ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Exceptions” on ICON, Detroit’s longest-running ska troop returns with a hot new album that is sure to surprise many of their long-time fans. Fast & furious “ska-core” still being their forte, the band saw several line-up changes in the past 2 years bringing to the stage a more well-rounded ska sound that includes jumpy “rock steady” styled numbers and straight-up, dance floor-driven modern “3RD WAVE” ska. They make statements about police injustice, trailer-park life, and early-pregnancies, while still remembering the simpler days full of shitty bosses and stealin’ at the local store. Full of tuff guitar progressions & noisy jazz horns, THE EXCEPTIONS crank out their signature, harder ska sound and still maintain THE SKA. This ain’t some punx/ska album where you’re straining to hear the ska! It’s still here, 100%! Simply put, this is a band that could have only come from today’s Midwest ska scene, the birthplace of such progressive new bands like the SUICIDE MACHINES, MUSTARD PLUG, THE INSYDERZ, and SKOLARS. In short, the legacy of American Skathic continues to thrive in ’96 due to the high-quality of the bands it promoted back in day ….Midwest Ska baby…there’s no stoppin it!

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1. “Trailer Park Girl”
2. “Sweet Georgia Peach”
3. “Mean Ole Malley”
4. “Sleepwalkin”
5. “Crash”
6. “Me Me Me”
7. “Circles”
8. “Boss’ Wife”
9. “Five Finger Discount”
10. “Angel”
11. “Oven”