FIRST GRADE CRUSH – “Our Time Down Here” CD (OUT OF PRINT) / LP Vinyl – (JUMP043)

FIRST GRADE CRUSH sound like NOTHING you’ve ever heard. Their music is powerful, energetic, diversely-influenced, and dark. Based in punk – incorporating bits of emo-core and metal – driven by bright horn lines and mind-bending theremin. The band has been compared to Dillinger Four, Rocket >From The Crypt, Fishbone, Promise Ring, Bad Religion, Saves The Day, and Less Than Jake – but truly the band sounds only like themselves. Amidst the sonic chaos, sing-along choruses, anti-establishment chants, and adolescent emotion – First Grade Crush create a suprisingly mature record. Self-worth, death, conformity, brainwashing, group-pressure, and unrequited love are all addressed here in sharp, biting lyrics and in-your-face sarcasm. First Grade Crush has appeared on over 20 compilations over the past seven years – plus their debut “It’s Not You, It’s Me”, which was released both in the United States and in Japan, sold well over 5000 units. FGC have extensively toured the eastern half of the US, portions of the SouthWest, and Canada – and in addition make constant appearances all across the Midwest (including a Chicago Warped Tour appearance and sold out shows at Metro and House of Blues). What you have in your hands is the band’s finest moment to date – the energy of their live show captured on record. “Our Time Down Here” was recorded at the Green Room under the close supervision of Brett Meingasner (Hot Stove Jimmy, Tub Ring) The result: eleven amazing songs that capture the intensity of their live show and deliver it directly into your headphones.

For Fans of: Saves The Day, Less Than Jake, Rocket From The Crypt, Bad Religion, Hippos

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First Grade Crush "Our Time Down Here"
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