Brand New Album! THE FUSS “In Person” LP / CD / Tape

The Fuss is a dynamic ska and rocksteady band from Washington, D.C. Their sound pays tribute to the music of 1960’s Jamaica and the British Mod scene, while putting modern slant on the timeless styles. The group showcases 3-part female harmonies and a 3-piece horn section. The Fuss’s lively vibe gets a crowd going, yet is smooth and steady for a great groove. Since the band formed in 2014, they’ve shared the stage with The Skatalites, The Toasters, The Pietasters, Eastern Standard Time, The Interrupters, Save Ferris, The Steady 45’s, JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, The Scofflaws, and many more. Their debut album “Ourselves” (2018) put the band on the international map, followed by appearances on top collections including Specialized “Check One-Two” and Ska Brewing’s “Drink The Ska”. On this brand new full length “In Person”, the band digs deeper, jazz progressions infuse traditional ska and rocksteady, with just a hint of two-tone and psychedelia. Over these dozen songs the message is thoughtful and provocative, sad and joyful as they explore the post-lockdown human condition. Produced by Jayson Nugent (aka Agent Jay) of The Slackers and features guest appearances by members of Eastern Standard Time. Jump Up is so proud to release this new album which we guarantee will end up on “best of” lists for 2022! Limited edition white and gold vinyl, also available on cassette tape and CD.

The Fuss
In Person
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