GANGSTER FUN – “Pure Sound, Pure Hogwash, Pure Amphetamines” CD – (JUMP013)

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Midwest ska was best represented by one band: Gangster Fun.
They commanded legendary status, influencing every ska band that came from Detroit: The Exceptions, Telegraph, Parka Kings, Suicide Machines, Articles… name it! They all sweated their asses off to the hypnotic sounds of G-Fun. They were the only Midwest ska band on the infamous MASHIN” UP THE NATION comp, plus their first album “Come See, Come Ska'” was released on Roddy Moreno’s SKA label in the UK. Very few copies of this record exist, and even fewer made it to the United States. It became an early American Ska classic, right next to Donkey Show, The Skeletones, Bim Skala Bim and the Toasters. 1993’s “Time Flies When You’re GANGSTER FUN” album reclaimed their throne once again, but then they went into hiding for years and years. Dozens of “break up” rumors, a bunch of no-shows, and people started to count them out…..but they’re back from the dead! This new recording is a testimonial to the dark period in ska music known as “The Long Dry Heave” . Witness i horror as Michigan’s own Gangster Fun once again joins forces with controversal producer Mike E. Clark (Funkadelic/Insane Clown Posse) on a trip into the other side of ska. “Pure Sound, Pure Hogwash, Pure Amphetamines” will make you relive ska’s birth through audio montage and rock n’ roll ballads. Look into the mechanical eyes of death and skank across the desert of an ancient time. This is not your average ska recording, it is PURE EVIL, produced with the blood of many innocent people.

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1. “Someone’s Taken My Shoes And Put Them In Hell”
2. “Blue Serge Suit”
3. “Night Of The Living Stove”
4. “Skarabia”
5. “California”
6. “Oh Paranoia”
7. “Butt Down Under It”
8. “Dirty Love”
9. “Someone To Love Me For My Money”
10. “Pure Sound Pure Hogwash Pure Amphetamines”
11. “We Can Still Rock & Roll”

Gangster Fun "Pure Sound, Pure Hogwash, Pure Amphetamines"
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