HOTKNIVES FANS! We now carry GARY MARSHALL “The Awakening” LP vinyl!

All long time Jump Up mail order customers (or fans of our radio show in the 90’s) knows we have been massive fans of British band THE HOTKNIVES since the late 80s when we eagerly awaited for their new albums to be available at import shops (the internet didn’t exist!).  We’ve kept their reissues in stock for nearly 30 years, first on CD then now on vinyl from Mad Butcher and Grover. When we were offered the latest 2019 album from original lead singer GARY MARSHALL we jumped at the opportunity. The album is a mix of melancholy soulful 2-Tone grooves as you’d expect, but the album truly covers all sounds British including Style Council string laden cappuccino soul, groovy downtempo funk reggae to jangley guitar-led Brit pop. A sophisticated album for long time fans curious to follow Gary’s direction 25-30 years later!

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