GREENHOUSE – “Tomorrow the World” CD – (JUMP011)

After years of playing underground punk DIY shows across the Midwest, 1997 saw this Chicago 9 piece break out into the national ska scene with contributions on Jump Up!’s “Return of American Skathic” and Moon Ska’s “Skarmageddon 3”, where they received the most press out of all the bands on the two-disc set with their summery happy-go lucky skalypso romp “Palabras”. A limited run as made for local shows, but now the boys have joined Jump Up! to go all out on this 13 track album full of amazing swingy 2-Tone influenced ska with bizarre lyrics, big bright horns, & peppy tempos that keep your feet moving! Bright sounds from ska’s third wave, this record will appeal to fans of Let’s Go Bowling, The Toasters, and even Skavoovie fans, plus there’s a wicked jungle/ska version of a Korean pop techno song! To top it off, halarious “ska fun facts” and a bad bread recipe are included in the liner notes! Fun-loving ska made by good ole boys from nest door. Invite them over for dinner to meet Mom and Dad. AND LOOK OUT for GREENHOUSE’s new video on your favorite show!

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1. “Too Late”
2. “Love Noise”
3. “Sterile”
4. “Agua”
5. “Korean Pop Song”
6. “Woman Around The Corner”
7. “Super Trendy Retro World”
8. “Palabras”
9. “Fire Escape”
10. “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder”
11. “Bocce Ball”
12. “Skrazy”
13. “Siddartha’s Cure”

Greenhouse "Tomorrow the World"
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