RSD 2023: HIGHBALL HOLIDAY “S/T” LP – 1997 Moon Ska Classic on vinyl for the first time!

It’s that time of the year again! For Record Store Day we’ve reissued one of our favorite albums from the Moon Ska archives – the self titled 1997 debut from Milwaukee’s HIGHBALL HOLIDAY! Technically the first album on Moon Ska NYC’s “Ska Satellite”  imprint, this beautiful slice of traditional ska & rocksteady truly took the world by storm;  fans demanded more after getting a taste from “American Skathic Vol 2”, “Skarmageddon 3”,  and “Girls Go Ska” compilations. Lead by the powerful vocals of Shahanna McKinney (who possesses one of the finest voices in ska), we once again relive the classics “Wake Up Call”, “Speedway”, “Why?”, “First That Crosses” and “Skinhead Girls”. The original 10 tracks plus remixes/dubs are all included, plus bonus tracks that appeared on later compilations: “Welfare” (from Who’s The Man) and “Ignorance” (from Love And Affection).  Limited to 250 on red and white, you can also get this amazing album in both our RSD deals currently running!

Highball Holiday
Vinyl Reissue
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