After appearances on top U.S. ska comps “Return of American Skathic” (Vol 4), “Generic Skaca” (combined over 15,000 units), plus a scheduled appearance on MOON SKA NYC’s third volume of the Skarmageddon series, Chicago’s HOT STOVE JIMMY are well on the way to being one of 1997’s brightest “new skool” ska bands. Locally, the band has quickly become a fave through their debut CD on Strike Out!; a track on the Taste Of Chicago punx comp; opening for top national acts The Specials & The Toasters, plus headlining top club METRO on several occasions (inc Return of American Skathc release). Hot Stove Jimmy’s sound is 100% original, and can not be compared to any band from today’s new wave of ska. A punx attitude through rough, melodic vocals, catchy sing-a-long lyrics and harmonies, plus two rockin’ guitars setting the sonic stage with Camaro-like energy. The shuffle & skank is VERY clear, accented by circus-style keyboards and guitar, set off by MR BUNGLE-ish spastic intros, and interspersed with jump up breakdowns and Madness-stye piano interludes. And who could forget their full, bright anthemic horns! Yet another band that could have only come from today’s Midwest ska scene–if you’re looking for that hot newie to place next to the SUICIDE MACHINES, MUSTARD PLUG, SKOLARS, REEL BIG FISH, and DANCE HALL CRASHERS, look no further! American Skathic continues to thrive in ’97 due to the high-quality of the bands it promoted from day one ….Midwest Ska…the legend lives on!

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1. “Two Times Second”
2. “School Clothes”
3. “Butterfly’s”
4. “Hallways”
5. “Utah”
6. “When I Go”
7. “Fallen”
8. “Take Your Time”
9. “Intermission”
10. “Sam’s Satan Disco”
11. “Table For Two”
12. “My Girl”
13. “Salute”

Hot Stove Jimmy "Salute"
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