THE INCITERS “Doing Fine” LP vinyl (clear) – Grover repress of a Jump Up classic from 2000!

We decided to bring in this limited edition clear vinyl repress when THE INCITERS booked a tour with DEAL’S GONE SLACK! We also realized many fans missed out when we had the last pressing a handful of years ago.  Let’s say we don’t carry much soul anymore now that it’s a big thing (can you believe when we released “Doing Fine” in 2000 there wasn’t any other label in the USA interested in touching a modern soul project!!!). At long last, the great 2nd album by San Francisco’s finest northern soul combo is back on wax, 250 copies on transparent 180g vinyl!  Don’t delay!

A1 Manifesto   A2 Gonna Watch My Step  A3 Dynamite Exploded  A4 The Hurt   A5 Lay This Burden Down  A6 Me, Myself & I   A7 Just Look What You´ve Done
B1 Doing Fine  B2 Magic Touch   B3 Look My Way   B4 Lean On Me   B5 End Of Our Love  B6 The Inciter

The Inciters
Doing Fine
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