THE SKAPONES (UK) & SCOTCH BONNETS Christmas split 7 inch (SOLD OUT)

WE’RE SOLD OUT!  Copies still remain in the USA at the SCOTCH BONNETS’ Bandcamp page, in the UK check with THE SKAPONES and in the EU at MOSKITO MAILORDER.

The Jump Up holiday tradition continues! Every year since 2010 we have released a new Christmas single, we are especially pleased with this year’s being original music from two bands tearing up the international ska scene – Britian’s THE SKAPONES and the SCOTCH BONNETS from Baltimore/DC. Both songs are full of sleigh bells, chimes, and lots of holiday cheer! THE SKAPONES “Ring The Bells” and SCOTCH BONNETS “Winter Reggae Party” will be new holiday traditions for sure!

Scotch Bonnets 45
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