Summer SKA spectacular: KING KONG 4 “Punch It!” LP – ex-KING APPARATUS Mitch Girio’s power-pop 2 Tone masterpiece!

Fronted by Mitch “King Kong” Girio, famously of legendary 90’s Canadian ska heroes KING APPARATUS, the King Kong 4 have dedicated themselves to recording catchy organ and guitar driven power-pop 2-Tone ska for fans of Elvis Costello, The Specials, Joe Jackson and The Slackers. Each member has done their time working with other bands (King Apparatus, Prince Perry, Lo & the Magnetics) and they bring these experiences together for this exciting studio project. In the years 2017 and 2018 the King Kong 4 put out five EPs, collected here for the first time on one vinyl LP for Jump Up Records. Limited to 350 copies with a very limited amount on blue vinyl.

Punch It! – a blow by blow review:

From the very start of “Profile For The New Elite” comes Brendan Bauer’s booming bass, the gurgling electric organ at the eager hands of Ronald Poon, Andrew McMullen’s ringing drum skins and Girio’s scratchy ska rhythm guitar. A song about anger and paranoia in the suburban heartland of the privileged. “Going A Bit Mad On Our Own” skips across the surf to a deliciously sloppy Jamaican beat, followed by the weighty “Breaking My Heart Again”, which was inspired by a drunken night of dancing to beat up R’n’B singles. Before it ends, the song shifts into a B section to never return. The work day anthem, “It’s Quitting Time!” declares the end of the shift no matter what time it actually is. Over a groove that throbs like a merciless headache comes “Speaking For The Skeptics”, touching on the supernatural with a lyric of unrequited love. Rounding out Side One the fellas roll out this nugget, “Taking Back The Ring” about jealousy that plays out on repeat in such a way that perhaps the narrator’s eyewitness accounts may be in a little more than suspect. And with Side Two it’s back to the suburbs with “All Those Wasted Days”, warning anyone who will listen. Usually no one is. “Drink In Your Head” tells the age old story about the ails of drinking too excess and the consequences of such a path. “Lesson Learned” makes sense of the common break-up ploy, blaming your ex-partner for all your problems. This song celebrates all the men around the world who use this tactic regardless of how wrong they themselves may be. Bravo, gentlemen! Next up, “Grenadine” is a tale about a father and his precocious daughter as they navigate the parent/ child dynamic in the modern world. From there we go straight into the driving anthem about the disappointment of growing old…“Annabelle”. Never worrying about the future for very long, the band finds solace in what they call a “two chords are better than one” instrumental aptly named “ To Lose Before You Start” – also their favourite board-game strategy.

King Kong 4:

Brendan Bauer – bass
King Kong Girio – vocals, guitar, banjitar, pianet
Andrew McMullen – drums, percussion
Ronald Poon – Hammond and Farfisa organs, upright piano

Punch It!
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