LAUREL AITKEN vinyl reissues on Black Butcher! Rare RIO & DOCTOR BIRD productions from the 60’s!

We are so proud to have these LAUREL AITKEN replica vinyl editions back in stock from Mad Butcher / Black Butcher classics! Must haves for fans of skinhead reggae, funky boogaloo soul, and Laurel’s unique style that can breath new life into pop standards. “SKA WITH LAUREL AITKEN” originally came out in 1966 on RIO UK, while the 1969 classic “SAY FIRE” originally came out on legendary imprint DOCTOR BIRD UK. We’ve also restocked the last copies of the 7 inch reissues of “Scandal In Brixton Market” and “Lawd Doctor” – essential skinhead reggae selections for the Boss DJ!

Say Fire

Side A: Fire, Worried Over Me, Halfway To Paradise, Coconut, Quando Quando, If You Need Me
Side B: La La La, Rice And Peas, Stand By Me, Sunnyside, Mr. Lee, Gonna Get Married

Ska With Laurel

Side A: Street Of Glory, Lonesome Traveller, Madame Sorosie, We Shall , Call The Doctor, Freedom
Side B: Hallelujah Train, Looking For My Baby, Woman Is Sweeter Than Man, It’s Coming Down, Take Off My Pyjamas, Leave My Woman Alone

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